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Which came first...the Republicans love of small govt, or their love for low income taxes?

what is the synergy of those two positions ?????


the way i see it, the bottom line is the low taxes. the small govt stuff is the way to make sure you eliminate programs that may be needed by the community..but their denial will insure that the low taxes can be achieved.

But what actually happened is they cut taxes and raised spending when they have been in power leading to larger incresed budget deficits. (see reagan and bush)

Update 2:

their actions while in power prove that the low income taxes is the crux of what they want above all else.

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    They never loved small government - they just wanted all the spending taken out of social services like schools, hospital and social security and put into what makes them money - military spending and union busting by shipping our jobs overseas!

    And many analysist say Reagan actually raised taxes a lot - but the reality is recklessly lowering taxes is what fueled this deficit, currency collapse and resulting crash.

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    What happened was Reagan did his trickle down theory and then we all got lots of money and then we began spending but, see when the second part of the plan didn't go through it through us into this big recession we aren't going to be able to get out of.

    Then Obama came and spent every penny we didn't have.......! and now are taxes are going to go sky high we won't be able to afford them.

    What happened: Read my lips no new taxes man messed it up for us.(bush)

    That is what got rid of the rest of the competition. Right now we are looking at the biggest debt we have ever had in the history of our country.

    I got an idea why don't we just defer on our loans. That's an idea we can chalk everything up to citizenship... Hey yeah.....Worth a thought don't you think.? Why don't we work for free. and then the government can pay for themselves.

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    They go hand in hand because it makes perfect sense. A smaller more efficient government will require less of the hard earned money of those that work to earn it.

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    Actually, they only talk about small gov't and low income taxes...for the most part, their actions have not borne this out.

    See: past 30 years

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  • Small government.

    Republicans pre-date the income tax.

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    small government. Income taxes are relatively new.

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    The two are not mutually exclusive.

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    Dunno, but I favor both.

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