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Difference between hair salon and barber shop?

Could someone please let me know what is the difference between a hair salon and a barber shop? Where does teen usually go.... to a barber shop or hair salon?

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    If you are male then by all means go to the barber shop. There are very few people who are well trained in barbering and I would consider it a treat. Hair salons are open to any clientele but are most frequented by women.

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    Barber shops are more for gentlemen or men. Salons are more for women and offer many services. Teens will usually go to a salon.

    Anyone can go to a barber shop though. In my opinion if your a girl a salon offers better care.

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    Barber shops usually just cut and wash and send you on the way. Salons do other things like color, perm, straightener, style, nails and sometimes massages. A lot of barbers just do a basic mens cuts. Salons usually do the more contemporary styles.

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    A hair salon is more up to date I think and geared more towards women i think, and they go more in depth. Barber shops are more for men. So depending on what you are looking for I guess

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    Price is the only difference. A barber shop is usually less expensive. Also, barber shops rarely, if ever, do women's hair.

  • a barber cuts your hair with clippers,a hair dresser trims your pubic hair with her teeth

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