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Online casino games? Are they a scam?


I have been wanting to make a little extra cash and have seen the online casino games on the internet. Are they worth a shot or are they all scams? Does anyone know of any genuine ones where you can actually win some money and are able to withdraw it, as I have read that a lot of people have problems when trying to withdraw their winnings. Any info would be good?

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    You are smart to check this out before you try one, many online casinos are simply scams. Here is a link to the Online Casino Blacklist, sites to avoid with the reasons why.


    Be very careful in selecting any online casino, and be sure to search the caisino name with the word scam after the casino name.

    Good luck!

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    • Mahal3 years agoReport

      LUCKYDINO casino BE CAREFUL. they hold money without reason .. and most ESPEZIALLY LOTTOLAND.. be careful: TO THOSE ABOVE MENTION. hope you got it.

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  • 3 years ago

    Online Casino Scams

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    its not a total scam - but trying to win at these games on a consistent basis is like trying to hit a moving target with one shot at 500 yards!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    the games have house edges - but its theoretical in a casino, anything can and does happen. Online games are software , computer programs created to please the owners and people very rarely win big or have big winning streaks.

    Some can win money, if they are smart enough to get lucky and cash out before the pendulum swings in the other direction

    There NEVER will however likely be a big population of professionals filing taxes at online casino games.........IF ANY?

    would recommend driving to casino near you if possible and your getting the urge to gamble! cus even if you do win, they are never in a RUSH to pay, they dont exactly pay as fast as they collect!

    Good Luck:)

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  • Tony
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    Generally, the minimum you can deposit is $20, but the most important thing is playing with enough money (having a sufficient roll). If you want to play at the lowest limit - 0.01/0.02 NL hold'em, you need to have 40cents to buy in (again, minimum) and you should have 100 buy-ins, therefore, you should deposit $40 to play at this level. It is accepted that you should have 100 times the big blind to buy in and between 75 and 100 buy-ins.

    Now, on to the game itself. First of all, even though it plays like real poker, it is NOT real poker. Each card is assigned a number and a random number generator (created by the algorithms of the program) disperses the cards as in a casino. However, in my experience, I've seen 8h6h win more than 8s6c (true because they're suited, but in real poker it should win on average no more than 2% of the time).

    I would recommend reading any book on Online Poker (Daniel Negreanu is a good one) and memorize it. Also, one tip that will help your game is getting an odds calculator. Pokerstove or something like that will see what calls can be made profitably and the others that shouldn't. It'll do the math for you and you can track patterns - stay with the profitable ones and you will make more money than you know what to do with.

    Oh - as far as withdrawing money - I've done it a number of times on Pokerstars, but it takes 4-6 weeks for the check to get to you. Unless you have NetTeller or PayPal or something.

    Best of luck!

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  • 4 years ago

    You are enough intelligent to check about the casino is it scam or not.

    You must have to be very careful before choosing any online casino you must have to check out their reputation and user feedback about that online casino site.

    I suggest you to play with Winclub88 asia.

    Source(s): www.winclub88.net
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  • A T
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    Not all are scams, most are inducements to play but the important aspect is the fact that like all gambling concerns, they are there because they can afford to do so, from their losers and if you play any game against ther odds, you will lose, and allow them to offer others this "come on" from your money.

    Lasty, not all poker sites have any one playing against others, they almost all, have computers to make up the numbers on games like Texas hold em, if you want to find out which ones, get the magazine "Card Player", and you will soon find many others "Online Card Players" is another, there are about seven magazines available and many list the sites to avoid, as well as the good ones, see W.H.Smiths and ask them.

    It is important that you only use those sites that are verified or approved, and audited, and if possible in your own country, and as such, covered by the gaming acts of that nation, many overseas sites are less than honest, and not covered by laws or even ever will be, and you need to know which ones, just to avoid the thieves out there, especially those who are only after your credit details and address.

    ( THEY CAN GET LOANS WITH THIS INFO AND STEAL YOUR IDENTITY AS WELL FANCY WAKING UP WITH A MORTGAGE YOU DID NOT APPLY FOR ? AND A HOUSE THAT HAS BEEN SOLD AS WELL, WHILE THE BILL FOR THE LOAN IS IN YOUR NAME ?) so only use a pre paid internet card for any payments, not your usual, and preferably one that pays by mastercard like "PRIME", "Maestro" is not a worldwide card, and will no longer be accepted by googlepay, from August, 2009.

    ALSO IF YOU MUST PRE PAY, INTO A FUND OR ACCOUNT, BEFORE PLAYING, ONLY PAY INTO THIS ACCOUNT IF YOU ARE SURE THAT YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK, AND THAT IS NOT ALWAYS LIKELY FROM FOREIGN ACCOUNTS OR COMPANIES or as is often possible pay into this account ( even if you believe it is safe ), by paypal or some other service that does not pass your details on for any other parties usage.

    But get the Magazines as a first stop, or log onto the ( real ), casinos websites, in England to see a few card rooms, with real games and try a few, if you are old enough, quite a few have competitions where entry charges can be as low as £5, and re buys are limited (up to one hour), they are a cheaper alternative to on line games and many, like the Birmingham casinos give these magazines free to all players, or members, ( these can cost about £35, a month to buy, and some also have six months of back issues they will pass on to you as well, the info in them comes from professional poker players and in Edgbaston, this means only one place, where the players are also the authors and winners of Vegas prize competitions, the very heart of the game in England ) well worth any entry fees to a game, ( none of which the casino keep, all of these are returned as prizes, and often the casino will also add to the overall; prize for nothing extra ), look particularly into the Edgbaston locations, for casinos, ( I work in one and we are restricted in our rights to advertise, hence I will not give the name, but look for "Portland rd", anyway,

    Source(s): Casino Gaming Inspector.... 35 years of boredom in this industry, ( as Robert Mitchum says, in his character, "I forgot how boring gambling can be, if it is not your money on the table" " The Unforgiven"
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  • 4 years ago

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  • 4 years ago

    Nothing is free especially when it comes to casino gaming. That's why you have to be extra careful before you play and give out your credit card info.

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    online casinos etc are all rip offs , they will let u win a few games to draw u in then take it all back and more .

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