How Many wins will it take for teams to win these divisions, NFC East, South, and North.. AFC South, And North?

I think it Will take

12 to win NFC East- Giants

11 to win NFC South- Atlanta

11 to win NFC North- Green bay

12 to win AFC North- Pittsburgh

10 to win AFC South- Houston


I pick Houston in the AFC south, because looking at the Teams, I think The Colts are aging before our Eyes... They dont Seem to Have a RB with how unexpectedly average Addai Was last year... Tennessee, Had a Magical Ride Last year, but Haynesworth is Gone, He Keyed that D, and They Never had a Good Offense, they won because of Vandenbosch and Haynesworth and The RB, Kenny Brit will Help, but Not THIS year.. I look at Houston they have a Special RB, arguably the Best Receiver in the League and IF their QB is Healthy, he''is REAL good.. their Defense is very Good.. as crazy as it sounds, HOuston is the most well balanced team in that division...i pick them to win AFC south.

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  • ny21tb
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    1 decade ago
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    I had the exact same answers except the AFC NORTH. I think 11 wins would do it. lets face it. at this time, there are only two teams in the division.

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  • 4 years ago

    AFC East: 1. Dolphins 2. Jets 3. Patriots 4. Bills AFC West: 1. Broncos 2. Chargers 3. Raiders 4. Chiefs AFC South: 1. Colts 2. Titans 3. Texans 4. Jaguars AFC North: 1. Ravens 2. Bengals 3. Browns 4. Steelers NFC East: 1. Cowboys 2. Redskins 3. Eagles 4. Giants NFC West: 1. Seahawks 2. Rams 3. Cardinals 4. 49ers NFC South: 1. Saints 2. Falcons 3. Panthers 4. Buccaneers NFC North: 1. Vikings 2. Packers 3. Bears 4. Lions

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  • 1 decade ago

    12 to win NFC East- Eagles

    The Giants lost Plax (11-5), the Cowboys lost TO (7-9), and I don't have faith in the Skins (6-10)

    10 to win the NFC South- Panthers (They will beat up on each other this year)

    I think the Falcons will be good (10-6), Saints will be average (9-7), Bucs will be .500 (8-8)

    12 to win the NFC North Bears or Vikings (one will be 12-4 the other 11-5), not sure which.

    Packers are switching defensive schemes from a 4-3 to a 3-4 they will suffer from this learning period and will be 6-10.

    Lions, 2-14. they are still bad.

    14 to win AFC North- Ravens. They got a hell of a D, I just think it is their year.

    Steelers will be great (13-3), Browns and Bengals will be bad (4-12) each.

    11 to win AFC South- Titans. They are a sleeper everyone else doubts.

    Colts (10-6) still a good team, Texans (9-7), Jags (4-12) they will be bad.

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  • 1 decade ago

    NFC East-13 wins Giants

    NFC South-12 wins Falcons

    NFC North-10 wins Vikings

    AFC North-13 wins Steelers

    AFC South-13 wins Titans

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its almost impossible to tell how many wins it would take the Dolphins and Pats both had 11 wins and the Dolphins won the division cause they had a better division record which is what really matters.

    Green Bay is going to win the NFC North??? They won 6 games last year plus they are is the same divison with the Bears and Vikings.

    Same with Houston(8-8) , it took 13 wins for Tennesse to win it last year and the Colts had 12 wins.

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  • 1 decade ago

    11-12 NFC East

    10-12 NFC South

    10-11 NFC North

    12-13 AFC North

    13-14 AFC South

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    10 wins to the NFC East- Cowboys

    Giants cant replace Burress with rookies and expect the same results

    Washington chokes every year

    Philly gets 10 wins and takes the wild card

    11 wins NFC South- Atlanta (Completely agree with you)

    10 wins the NFC North- Chicago

    BUT IT WILL BE A CLOSE DIVISION between the bears, vikings, and packers i give them the division to them because of their additions this offseason

    qb- cutler, rb- kevin jones, wr- two rookies in the draft, oline, shaffer, pace, and chris williams will play this year, lb- pisa tinoisamoa, and at safety bullucks and glenn earl. the packers and vikings didnt make make this many moves to improve an already good team remember the bears were 9-7 last year.

    12 to win AFC North- Pittsburgh ( I agree)

    11 to win AFC South- Houston (I think one more win to win the division)

    Its another close division with the Colts, Texans, and Titians. But I think that the Texans will come out on top.

    Colts- Can in coaching staff and Harrison gone. 10-6

    Titians- Collins wont have another carrer year, and still has no recievers to throw to. The titians will ride their running game all season.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Change NFC North to 10 and AFC south to 12

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  • I think your list is pretty accurate. I'd say 12 to win in the NFC South though and 11 to win in the AFC North.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i agree with everything except the AFC South and NFC North.

    i think the Colts and Titans will still be dominant teams. didn't both of them win 11 games in a row last season?

    and the Bears were ranked as having the easiest schedule in the NFL. plus they should be a better team with Cutler.

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