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How long will 85-99 Hunter take on runescape?

99 hunter has always been a runescape dream of mine but none of my friends have 99 and i can never get a proper estimate on how long it takes from 85. I know im supposed to hunt carnivorous chinchompas and i play about 8-9 hrs a day. If anyone has 99 hunter, or just knows, can you please help me? i can't find it on google or any other search engine.

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    Not too long at all. It's possible to go from 1-99 in a month if you play enough.

    You're correct though, you are well advised to hunt carniv chins (better known as "Red Chins"), and you will need to hunt 36,890 of them to reach 99 from level 85.

    8-9 hours a day would get you 99 in 14-19 days at most, I'd estimate.

    Good luck =)

    Source(s): Stop by at for skill calculators (like the one I used to determine how many red chins you'd need for 99), guides, and more. Their forums is a great place to ask specific questions like this!
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    1-99 Hunter Guide

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    Oh, not long at all. I went from around 60 something to 99 in about a month during the summer last year using chinchompas. It should only take you around 2 weeks.

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    Um about 2 weeks from 85 playing 8-9 hours.

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    well I suppose 3-4 weeks! Because look:

    when u reach 90's omg ur gonna die!

    lvl xp











    SOo that will take very VERY long! A month would be the fastest! TRUST ME!!

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    My suggestion to you is to get on with your life. Don't waste your time on a stupid game! You don't need RuneScape. I sure am glad I'M not on it 4 hours a day like I used to be, clicking rocks over and over again. It's pointless. Don't waste your life away!

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