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Are my vision test numbers bad? 2200/2100?

I had a vision test last week and the lady said I was 2200 in one eye and 2100 in the other. I could barely read the top line. She used one of those microscope-looking things. I wear glasses but I've noticed my vision has gotten progressively worse. I was told by a dr. I have congenital cataracts but that they don't affect my vision. Should I be concerned? I'm only 33.


He actually had it written in the chart as 2200/2100. I've never heard of that before.

Update 2:

When my laptop is on the bed less than 5ft away. I can't read any of the writing.

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    I think your doctor said twenty two hundred and twenty one hundred. The way that would be written is 20/200 and 20/100. 20/200 means that what you should see at 200 feet has to be brought to 20 feet before you can see it. It is not very unusual for people to see that bad without their glasses. Sometimes people with cataracts have more changes in their glasses. This is especially true with age related cataracts but may be true or yours as well. One happy thought is that if you ever need cataract surgery, they can take care of most of your other vision problems as well.

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    It sounds like you may want to correct the vision in your right eye. If your left eye has normal vision, then it may not be a need at this point. My right eye has normal vision and my left eye will not pass the vision test at the DMV. I do not have to wear corrective lenses but I choose to for activities that require good distance vision such as driving.

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