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Is it true that the Salafi sunni scholars use to see the unseen?

Allamah Al-Hai bin Ahmed al-Akri al-Damashqi (1032 to 1089) popularly known as Ibn Imad al-Hanbali in his book ‘Shadraat al-Dhahab fi Akhbaar min Dhahab’ writes about Mohiuddin ibn Mustafa Hanafi (d. 950 A.H) that he used to say:

وكان يقول إذا شككت في آية من القرآن أتوجه إلى الله تعالى فيتسع صدري حتى يصير قدر الدنيا ويطلع فيه قمران لا أدري هما أي شيء ثم يظهر نور فيكون دليلا إلى اللوح المحفوظ فاستخرج منه معنى الآية

"Whenever I have doubts regarding any verse of the Holy Quran, I divert my attention towards Allah, then my chest widens equivalent to the whole world and two moons appear in it but I do not know what they are, then a light (Nur) come out from them and leads me to Loh-al-Mehfooz and I take out the meaning of the verse from there."

Shadraat al-Dhahab fi Akhbaar min Dhahab, Volume 8, page 286

On page 178 of the above mentioned book, while writing about the life of Maulana Bakhshi Hanafi (d. 931 A.H), Allamah Al-Hai bin Ahmed al-Akri al-Damashqi records:

"He used to say that I find such and such thing written in Loh-al-Mehfooz, and he never made mistakes."

On the same page it is written about Ibrahim Al-Desuqi Al-Hashmei Al-Shafiyye Al-Qurashi that:

وكان يتكلم بجميع اللغات من عجمي وسرياني وغيرهما وذكر عنه أنه كان يعرف لغات الوحش والطير وأنه صام في المهد وأنه رأى في اللوح المحفوظ وهو ابن سبع سنين

“He used to talk in all languages, foreigner, Syriac and other. It is said about him that he knew language of the animals and birds, he used to fast when he was infant and he saw what was written in Loh al-Mehfooz when he was seven”

favourite website of Salafies

"He used to be friends with those people only whom he would find written so in Loh al-Mehfooz."

Meerat al Jinan, Volume 4 page 25 under the topic ‘Year 612’

The reference can also be read from the online Miraat al Jinan available at the following Salafi link

Not only these scholars but according to Salafies/Wahabies their revered vicar Ibn Tamiyah also had access to Loh al-Mehfooz. One of the adored scholars of Salafies Ibn Al-Qaym Al-Jawziah records the words of their master Ibn Tamiyah who predicted the battle between the Muslims and Tatars in this manner:

“Allah wrote in Loh al-mehfooz that they will lose in this battle and the victory will be for Muslim’s army”

(Online) Medarej Al-Salekin by Ibn Al-Qaym Al-Jawziah, Volume 2 page 489

Wow is this true?

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    salafis /wahabis love these fairy tales !!

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    Sunni are Muslim like Shia and Sufi

    Salafi are wahabi - both are neo-khawarij group (NOT Muslim)

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    u are a cheater yes hanafies say any thing but u know who are salafi

    salafies are those people who follow only Quran and true hadith and i am sure u are an enemy of muslims yes u can be an agent of steo son of jews(shia)

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    “The Immaculate Imams can also make contact with the world of the unseen (Al-Ghaib) whenever necessary by seeking God’s aid and support and thereby gain access to knowledge they need.” (Source: )

    Funny i have never heard of prophets seeing the unseen let alone normal humans.

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    are shia scholars like prophets

    وذكر : أن الفقيه الرافضي بمنزلة موسى و عيسى . الحكومة الإسلامية ص 95

    He also mentioned that the position of Rafidah scholars is that of Musa (as) and Isa (as).

    Hukumat Al-Islamiyyah p.95


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