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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

How do I get air traffic control to give me vectors to the runways? (FSX)?

Hey guys, I play FSX and im having trouble getting ATC to give me vectors for the runway.

How do I get ATC to give me vectors to the runway?

i.e. In the mission Monsoon approach they give me the heading and altitude to line me up with the runway, then they hand me off to the tower, and they'll give me clearance to land and confirm that I have the runway in sight.

Thankyou in advance.


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  • ReX
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    1 decade ago
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    In the military, you would say "Approach, <state your call sign> request vectors to <type of approach>," for an IFR approach. If you were VFR, you would simply request the straight-in/overhead/whatever.

    In a flight sim, unfortunately, i do not know. But you may want to check and make sure you're expected to shoot an IFR approach. VFR, the radar controllers will not give you hard vectors, only suggestions, particularly if you're below MVA.

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