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What the movie or TV series?

What the movie or Tv series that Gina Torres act? including the car that change in to space ship and people in that space ship have gun and freeze the robber on the street?

This is a video :

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Thank you for the firest question ^^.

what is this movie and is this in Tv series what episode ? >>

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    Year Title Role Notes More Notes More Notes

    1996 Bed of Roses Francine

    The Substance of Fire Maitre d'

    1997-1999 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Nebula, Beth Hymson TV series 9 episodes Recurring Role

    2000-2001 Cleopatra 2525 Helen Carter TV series 28 episodes Main Character

    2001, 2005-2006 Alias Anna Espinosa TV series 6 episodes Recurring Role

    2002 Firefly Zoe Washburne TV series 14 episodes Main Character

    2003 Angel Jasmine TV series 5 episodes Recurring Role

    The Matrix Reloaded Cas

    The Matrix Revolutions Cas

    2004 24 Julia Milliken TV series 7 episodes Recurring Role

    Hair Show Marcella

    2005 Soccer Moms Jamie Cane TV series

    Fair Game Stacey

    Serenity Zoe Washburne

    2006 The Shield Sadie Kavanaugh TV series 2 episodes Recurring Role

    Jam Lilac

    Five Fingers Aicha

    2004-2006 Justice League Unlimited Vixen Animated series 5 episodes Recurring Role

    2007 I Think I Love My Wife Brenda Cooper

    South of Pico Carla Silva

    2006-2007 Standoff Cheryl Carrera TV series 18 episodes Main Character

    2008 Don't Let Me Drown Diana

    Criminal Minds Detective Thea Salinas TV series 1 episode

    2009 Pushing Daisies Lila Robinson TV series 1 episode

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    You can this Tv series of Gina Torres. In many of this series she has won the best actress award. I hope you'll enjoy it.


    Bed of Roses

    Applause for Miss E

    Washington Field

    Soccer Moms

    Don't Let Me Drown.

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