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What is the song that is played in the movie Dodgeball. It's the music that plays as soon as Ben Stiller stops?

talking and you see Vince on the couch waking up some instrumental song plays. Does anyone know what its called?


It was a instrumental.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Was this the song playing at 0:30 of this video clip? It's hard to hear in this clip, though...

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    Here are the film music credits from I am assuming if this is going by chronological order that the song you want is Will Schaefer "Legal Eagle." I tried finding the song online and had no luck locating it.

    # "Globo Gym Infomercial"

    Written by Kenneth Burgomaster (as Kenny Burgomaster)

    # "Legal Eagle"

    Written by Will Schaefer

    Courtesy of Associated Production Music LLC

    # "Milkshake"

    Written by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

    Performed by Kelis

    Courtesy of LaFace Records/Zomba Label Group

    Under license from BMG Film & Television Music

    # "Truck Wash"

    Written by Christopher Ward

    # "Take It Off"

    Written by Maya Ford, Allison Robertson, Brett Anderson and Torry Castellano (as Torrance Castellano)

    Performed by The Donnas

    Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.

    By Arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing

    # "Help Me (She's Out of Her Mind)"

    Written by Kelly Jones, Richard Jones and Stuart Cable

    Performed by Stereophonics

    Courtesy of V2 Records

    # "Lady in Red"

    Written and Performed by Chris De Burgh

    Courtesy of Mercury Records Ltd. (London)

    Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

    # "Ezee Does It"

    Written by Beast & Tazman

    Courtesy of Extreme Production Music USA

    # "We Will Rock You"

    Written by Brian May (as Brian Harold May)

    # "Rockarama"

    Written by Grahame Maclean and Barry Ryder

    Courtesy of Associated Production Music LLC

    # "Jambo"

    Written and Performed by Claude McLin

    Courtesy of Ace Records Ltd.

    # "Training Montage Mix"

    Produced by Mike Fitzpatrick

    # "Le Fie 'd Carmagnola"

    Written by Danpa and Sergio Ferraresi

    Courtesy of Associated Production Music LLC

    # "Apache"

    Written by Jerry Lorden (as Jeremiah Patrick Lordan)

    Performed by Sugarhill Gang

    Courtesy of Sanctuary Records Group and Rhino Entertainment Co.

    By Arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing

    # "Heroes Never Die"

    Written by Anthony Goddard and Ron Komle

    Courtesy of Firstcom Music, Inc.

    # "Sports Classic Theme 1"

    Written by Tammy Cardon, Arden Hofheins and Randall C. Thornton

    Courtesy of Non-Stop Music

    # "Never Say Never"

    Written by Benjamin Bossi, Larry Carter, Debora Iyall, Peter Woods and Frank Zincavage

    Performed by Romeo Void

    Courtesy of Columbia Records

    By Arrangement with Sony Music Licensing

    # "Superstar"

    Written by Mich Hansen, Joseph Belmaati and Remee (as Mikkel Sigvardt)

    Performed by Jamelia

    Courtesy of EMI Records Ltd.

    Under license from EMI Film & Television Music

    # "Mr. Roboto"

    Written by Dennis DeYoung

    # "Dunkie Butt"

    Written by Isiah Pinkney, Robert F. Gordon, John Starks, Fred Wesley (as Fred Wesley Jr.) and James Brown

    Performed by 12 Gauge

    Courtesy of Volcano Entertainment III, L.L.C.

    Under license from BMG Film & TV Music

    (contains a sample of "The Payback" performed by James Brown)

    Courtesy of Universal Records, under license from Universal Enterprises).

    # "Donkey Competition Mix"

    Mixed by Dowd Beal

    Produced by Sounds Like That

    # "Face Off"

    Written and Performed by Tom Morello

    Courtesy of Sony Music

    # "Red Rubber Ball"

    Written by Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley

    Performed by Eggchair

    Courtesy of Eggchair Music

    # "Different Drum"

    Written by Michael Nesmith

    Performed by Me First and The Gimme Gimmes (as Me First and The Gimmie Gimmes)

    Courtesy of Fat Wreck Chords

    # "Still in Me"

    Written by Adam McGuern, Christian Hand, Jeff Johnson and Jason Veirs

    Performed by The Bleacher Heroes

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No but the donkey song is cool

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