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Why do pacquiaos fans think he is the greatest and that he can beat anyone in 6 rounds or less?

His fans think he is the greatest ever which is not true he is great but not the greatest.

Ever since de la hoya who was weight drained and hatton who is a b class fight people think he is the best

If paquiao fought any of the old top welterweights or mosley n cotto he would lose

Cotto has a chance to beat him and I say he will. people think cotto gets cut easily when he got cut by a headbutt against clottey.

We know cotto can take punish because if margarito was using plaster then he was taking a hell of a beating untell he DROPPED to a knee not get knocked out but he would of and lost


Coi420 shut ur ***** *** up and my bad for posting the same question twice something wierd happen with the computer and made me do it.

I am a paquiao fan I like him and want him to knock mayweather I don't like mayweather he's a ***** and want marquez to kick his *** but I hate pacquiaos fans cause they treat him as the greatest not all but a lot do. Seriously his fans just get me mad some times and then I want for mayweather to beat his *** some times cause of his fans

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    maybe it's because they admired his character in and out of the ring that is why they think he's the greatest. it is possible if he fought B class fighters.

    IMO, he's the best today but the greatest, he has miles to go before we call him like that.


  • Sean G
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    Pacquiao fans think he is the greatest because of his 6 title 6 weight class achievement and the fashion of his last 2 wins. Some of them lack historical insight to know there are and have been greater fighters.

    I agree with you that greatness should be defined by great fighters in or past their prime beiating great opponents who are in their prime. Manny hasn't done that.

    I agree that Manny woulod be beaten by Mosley (or Mayweather) but I doubt Cotto could beat him. I know people will argue Cotto beat MOsley so how can he not win and Mosley can) It isnt about who is better its about matchups and styles. Styles make fights and Mosley's style and physical gifts give him a lot of advantages over Pacquiao. Mainly his size and speed. Cotto's got the size but lacks the speed to execute any real usage of that De La Hoya.

    Cotto did look very vulnerable against Clottey and he does have a severe ability to absorb punishment...hsi toughness is unquestionable...but he is a bleeder...and I don't just base that on Clottey and Margarito...Judah had him bloody did Shane

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    Not every Filipino Pacquiao fans considers him the Greatest. The most DeLuSiOnAl ones only.. lol :p, or maybe they just like to troll and enjoy posting on forums, :-)

    And I also believe, that Cotto vs Pacquiao is a 50-50 fight due to Cotto having a good chin against previous Welterweights and skillful counterpunching ability as he shown against Margarito.

    I have my prayers right now for Pacquiao to win in November.

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    Only Pacquiao and De la Hoya won 6 major titles in 6 divisions.Even your Mayweather didnt achieved that in his career. He's the only boxer in the entire history of boxing to win lineal championship in 4 divisions. He is the current pound for pound boxer. He started at 106 pounds and became boring w/ his belts so he challenged those bigger guys in higher weights but still no one can beat him.

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    You just a pacquiao wannabe fan... You can't appreciate what he does. Going up in weight, fighting the best, and doing it in a way that pleases the people. 6 titles >>> going for his 7th... he never disrespected nobody... i say he's great, not all time great, but he's greater then mayweather. mayweather was great, to the point where he reached welterweight. That's when he stopped challenging all the elite welterweight. I'm a pac fan and appreciate his class and skills. I am a mayweather hater, but i still appreciate his accomplishments. But the reason why i like pac and hate mayweather is simple... mayweather is boring, talks a lot of smack, and disrespects people. pacquiao is entertaining, respects people, and let his hands do the smacktalking for him..

    Anybody who says mayweather is great, i won't argue...

    Anybody who says mayweather is not great, i won't argue...

    Anybody who says pacquiao is great, i'll agree...

    Anybody who says pacquiao is not great, i will argue...

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    because he has the best trainer in the world right now, and he looks better every time he steps into the ring. As you can recall, he's had many tough fights that went the distance. The way he's slinging those pie mitts right now is ridiculous, though. He is so damn fast!! Makes other fighters look stupid, plus he's left-handed...don't forget that. Lefties aren't supposed to be that strong, only slick.

    I see his dominance for another 2-3 years and then career turning downhill. He's been in the game for many years.

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    Don't generalize, like some have said.

    As a Pac-fan, I think he's a great boxer but NOT the greatest of all time.

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    The Phillipines are not in the best political situation right now, so they look to Pacquiao as hope. That's all the Phillipines have, Pacquiao. Let them have there jerky.

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    yeah ur such an *** osvyy dnt be so generalized..! im a pac fan but i was never sure that hes gonna win any of his fights, he could either win or lose it depends i dnt knw i mean he's skilled but he could still lose.. anyway were all havng FUN so dnt mess around u miserable f*ck

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    Once again I say you cannot generalize. Not all his fans are like that.

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