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Vibekingz and Maliq-This Letter



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    Yeah baby I hope you don't misunderstand me

    是的 寶貝 我希望你不要誤會我

    My philosophy was you and me, even up my dreams it is you I see

    從以前我的哲學就只有你跟我 就算我做夢 我也只看見你

    The Bubble Pops, the puzzle incomplete can't you see you was all I needed

    泡泡破了 那個拼圖沒解開 你難道看不見 我眼中只有你

    Now I'm sad trying to hold back, but tears rolling fast with this pain in my past

    我現在難過 企圖把握住一切 但是我過去的痛苦就像眼淚不停地流下來

    Honestly I feel weak, well it's hard to explain but you drive me insane

    說真的 我覺得好脆弱 我很難解釋 但是你真的把我弄瘋了

    *Girl I wrote this letter to let you know forever

    女孩 我寫了這封信 讓你知道 永遠地

    I keep you in my heart when I'm leaving you boo

    當我離開你時 你會在我心裡

    Girl I wrote this letter and it ain't getting better

    女孩 我寫了這封信 感覺並沒有好轉

    That is why I can't be with you


    P.S. I still love you *

    補充說明 我仍愛著你

    My only question, do you miss me when I am gone?

    我唯一的問題是 當我離開時 你會想念我嗎

    Tell me girl.. tell me

    告訴我 女孩 告訴我

    It is reality that you're playing me

    你在玩弄我的感情 這是事實

    You took my air to breathe


    Cause I was blind to see


    Now I know that I have to go


    Why don't you see, I was all you needed

    你難道看不見 你只需要我

    Wanna stay but it ain't ok that he is with you

    我想留下來 但是這不ok 因為他跟妳在一起

    And it's me who's saw



    I was the one that you could always count on, lean on

    我曾是你永遠可以依賴 信任的人

    but those days are gone


    All we have are memories of better days


    Now I need to say goodbye



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