top basketball section game......?

Who is going to be the most improved player next season?

Who will be league M.V.P. next season?

What teams will be in the N.B.A. finals in 09/10 season?

Who will win the R.O.Y. award next season?

Do you like basketball, if so give a star...

Whos the best player in the N.B.A.?


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    1 - I think the most improved player would have to go to one of the younger stars who have been battling injury, the two top condidates are Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum, each with their physique alone have massive potentials, both have also shown good dedication and enough basketball I.Q to move onto great new heights, i think another player that we may see great improvements from are other youngings such as Brandon Roy, Kevin Durant and Michael Beasely. . .

    2 - Well you cant go past the top 3 duo of Dwayne Wade, Lebron and Kobe,none of them are favourites though for the following reasons, with his pinkie fixed Kobe will improve his scoring or his assists, but with Artest being added and him aging, he might get less minutes and will definitely have less to do on ball,

    the East dramatically improving with the Celtics and Magic both making huge moves and the Cavs really doing only a mediocare move acquiring an aging center, Lebrons team may not really be ranked high enough in the wins department to really cement his place, expect the Cavs to lose to all top tier teams in the NBA, Lakers, Spurs and Nuggets from the West, Magic and Celtics from the East,

    Dwayne Wade's team will improve but will have much the same problem Lebron does, his team wont be able to consistantly produce against the bigger stronger teams, other players that have a decent chance and shouldnt be forgotten,

    Chris Paul (will have the same problem as Lebron and Wade, his team simply isnt good enough) Tim Duncan (his team has improved seriously, no reason he cant make a serious run), Dwight Howard (will only get better), Deron Williams (I know Jazz arent all that but you cant take anything away from the mans brilliance) and the X factor of all this i think is Vince Carter (the man has just been handed a contender team, the most dominant center, and a point guard who proved his worth in the regular season last season, Carter could very well be set up to rejuvinate his career and with a contending team, challenge the MVP title.)

    3 - Lakers and Celtics are definitely the favourites to end up in the Finals, with both adding serious power with unpredictable forces, Rasheed Wallace and Artest, its hard to see any other teams in the NBA stopping these two power houses when they are healthy if they stay healthy.

    4 - Rookie of the year is always a tough one, but this season more than any i can actually see that the number one draft pick Blake Griffin is quite clearly the best new fresh thing on the menu, his pre season has gone well and he is putting up decent number for an average NBA player let alone a kid in his first year, expect good things from him, plus his size and stature will help him fit into the NBA physicality

    5 - The best player is really a matter of opinion, statistically, Lebron and Wade are the two best players, logically and achievement wise, you cant go past Kobe, he can do anything when he wants and unlike Lebron and Wade exerts his energy only when needed, also at his age i cant see either Lebron or Wade being as good, a mention has to be given to Chris Paul as he is definitely a crazy player who deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the untouchable 3, as a Laker fan my bias leans towards Kobe obviously, when i sit back and think about it neutrally, i still see Kobe as the best player, he puts more fear into opponents than any of the 3, but yeah like i said matter of opinion, do you care about statistics or presence?

    Peace always

    P.S: Funny video my man hahaha

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    Who is going to be the most improved player next season?

    ANthony Randolph

    Who will be league M.V.P. next season?

    Dwyane Wade Or Kobe Bryant

    What teams will be in the N.B.A. finals in 09/10 season?

    lakers and celtics or lakers and magic

    Who will win the R.O.Y. award next season?

    Blake griffin or stephen curry

    Do you like basketball, if so give a star...

    I GAVE A STAR :)

    Whos the best player in the N.B.A.?

    2Kobe Bryant4

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    I sat on a shark at my house because I am on drugs. ;) BQ: I am actually very uncertain about the future of the Spurs and the Raptors; the Spurs because they haven't made many moves yet so far (but there is still lots of time to make a few roster changes). The Raptors because they signed Triano as a coach and they also haven't made any moves. I think I will have a better idea on how both respective teams will do when it gets closer to next season. BQ2: My current favourite song is Love Game by Lady Gaga.

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    1. John Salmons he is really going to have to step up his game since Ben Gordon is gone.

    2. DwYaNe WaDe= 2010 MVP

    3. Lakers/Magic/Cavaliers/Celtics/Spurs

    4. I want Hasheem Thabeet. However, it is a toss up between

    -1. Blake Griffin

    -2. Hasheem Thabeet

    -3. Tyreke Evans

    -4 Stephen Curry

    5. Kobe Bryant. However, Lebron James will be the best soon.


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    The Most improved player-Anthony Morrow.

    The MVP-Kobe Bryant.

    What teams will be in the NBA finals in the 2009/2010 season-Lakers and Celtics.

    Who is the best player in the NBA-Kobe Bryant.

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    1. I think either Elton Brand or Michael Redd

    2. LeBron or Dwayne Wade

    3. Lakers/Celtics

    4. Griffin. Has the most responsibility and the stats will probably reflect that

    5. I do like basketball!

    6. Kobe Bryant.

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    Spurs and Celtics

    Stephen Curry

    Yes, Star 4 U


  • Anthony Randolph

    Tim Duncan

    Celtics and Spurs

    James Harden

    Tim Duncan

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    Courtney Lee

    Dwayne Wade

    Lakers vs Celtics

    James Harden

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    1.John Salmons

    2.DWYANE WADE!!!!!!

    3.Lakers, if they get odom and cavs or spurs and cavs

    4.Blake Grifffin No question.

    5.Yes, I love basketball.

    6.Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA, Then D-Wade


    09-10 NBA MVP!!!!

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