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Bare Escentuals.................?

Does the foundation work well and does it have good coverage

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    I tried Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals a little more than a year ago, and I wasn't too happy about it. A little about me: I have medium complexion, and a rather oily T-zone. I felt like Bare Escentuals was not able to:

    1. get rid of the shine

    2. control the oil

    3. make me feel like I wasn't wearing makeup (it felt a little cakey by the time I attained the coverage I wanted).

    If you're looking for a powder foundation, try:

    1. Diorskin nude powder

    2. Smashbox Halo

    3. Bare Escentuals MATTE - I just got my sample a couple of days ago, and so far it looks promising. :)

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    It works extremelly well! It might be a little pricey but I suggest this brand to anyone! It doesn't make your face feel all cakey and it doesn't make you face look blotchy. It really blends in with your face and looks completly natural. I absolutly adore bare escentuals it's possibly my favorite brand of foundation and bronzer. It works really well!

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    YES! It works reallllllly well. I would definitely recommend it. I'd suggest starting off with the starter kit :) It has good coverage, but it doesn't look caked onto your face. It looks natural.

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    it works wonderfully. if you need heavier coverage, they have a product called bisque, which is kinda like a concealer.

    but i use the foundation every day and it works wonders. it also helps your skin become healthier if you don't have the best skin (i didn't).

    i would highly recommend you try it out.

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    YES! It's incredible! The brushes that come with the Starters Kit (which i recommend) work wonders.

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    ive read all kinds of mixed reviews on the different mineral makeup brands. i started using Dinair Airbrush Makeup a few years ago and im so glad i did cause its the best makeup ive ever used. it covers everything and makes my skin looks flawless..its also all water based so tis not bad for ur skin....i LOVE it...anywho, hope i helped...=)

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    I tried it and it made my (African American) skin look ashy, but thats just me.I dont believe that one foundation works on every single woman.

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    Oh yes! I wear it EVERY DAY. It's the best make-up I've ever worn. You'd love it.

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    yess its really good (:

    NARS is an awesome liquid foundation though

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