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How do i remove the remainder of the Winifighter?

A few days ago i fell into the trap of downloading the the trial version of WiniFighter. I decided to uninstall it because i thought i didn't need it anymore.(at the time i didn't know it was spy ware yet) I uninstalled it successfully, but then a red shield with an x on it, which was named "Spyware Alert" suddenly popped up in the bottom right of my screen saying i had been infected and needed to register WiniFighter.Then two pop-ups named "Security Center Alert" appeared on the bottom RHS & LHS of my screen.

I googled the program up and looked for how to remove it. I have tried everything from spyware doctor, malwarebytes anti maleware, advanced system protector and other virus softwares. Most of the softwares either didn't open, or didn't pick up the infection.

I then tried to manually remove even though i am no computer techie.

I followed all the step by step tutorials. The first time i tried it, the red shield suddenly disappeared and so did the pop ups, i thought i fixed it! Though when i restarted my computer, immediately the first thing that popped up was the fake security center, the red shield with an x on it, and the pop ups.

I didnt know what to do anymore, so i just tried to ignore it. While i ignored it, this loud sound starting going off for about 20 seconds with a message attached to it saying i had to close all programs and get a anti-virus program to lower my threat of infection. So, i clicked on close all programs and once again the pops up and fake security center were gone. Though after a while, the pops up appeared again, and the default sound of the red shield went off, BUT there was no red shield and the bottom right of the screen anymore.

Now everytime i turn on my computer or restart, this same process repeats, and i am getting very tired of it and considering taking it to a computer technician. can anyone help me?


I followed your advice he's dead, jim and the pop ups did disappear! Thank you very much!! Though the red shield and the fake security center still pop up at the beginning of my start up. But, when i go to task manager, and end the application the fake security center closes. Then an error report window asks me if i want to report it and i click on report. Then after the error report finishes, i put my mouse over the red shield it also closes up and vanishes. So. now this process repeats every time i restart or turn on my computer. Sorry, this must be very annoying on the answerer's part, but if you can help please do.

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    use the manual removal tutorial in a safe mode:

    and then run antispyware scan in a safe mode as well. this way it's usually more effective.

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    The best Spyware software is "Spyware Doctor" and you can download from

    Here is the link to the download page

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