Toddler mess, cleaning house for in-laws?

My in-laws will be coming from out of state to visit in a couple of weeks. I love my mother-in-law, but she has never seen our home before (she saw the apartment we lived in when our son was just born) and has a set impression that our house is messy, dirty, and small. I'll conceeded that it's messy.

Since I need to make a good impression on her to help her feel like we really aren't living in a dirty little hole in the wall, what specific things should I pay special attention to when cleaning? We have a 2 year old and the standard 2 year old toy spread throughout the house. What areas and aspects of our home will make everything look actually put together and under control, and clean?

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    Here is my routine for my house if I really, really want to get it clean.

    For the walls (because no matter what, troddlers with dirty hands, touch the walls and muck them up) I use the "Magic Eraser". Just saturate the pad, wring it out and begin to scrub the dirty spots. It gets walls clean like magic.

    Also, the carpet. Check for horrific stains that would immediately catch the eye. Try to stain treat them first and overall give it a better looking appearence. You can then use "Fresh Linen" Glade carpet powder before you vacuum very thoroughly to make it smell nice and fresh.

    In the kitchen, use clorox for the counters, stove top and walls behind the stove to get any grime off and give it a sparkling, clean look as well as making it smell fresh. You can use Pinesol on the floors in the kitchen and bathroom as well. Which is good for disinfecting and also, the smell is fresh.

    Make sure all the dishes are put away and the washcloth and soap are nicely laid out on the back of the sink. Organize anything you might leave out on the coutner (spices, coffee making things, utensils, appliances) and also be sure things like the toaster and microwave are cleaned out as well. The next step is cleaning out your refridgerator and pantry, which have a knack for building up quickly with unused items that are easily forgotten.

    Now for the bathroom. Mirrors and walls surrounding the sink, be sure to clean thoroughly for any toothpaste splatters, make up or little grooming hairs. Organize anything left out on the sink (toothbrushes, soaps, hair products) and the same goes for the mirror/medicine cabinet. Put things of the like in proper places together in the cabinet. Organize any under cabinets you may have (cleaning products on one side, make-up, pads/tampons, extra rolls of tp on the other.

    Wash your towels and dry them with a dryer sheet to make them smell really fresh and organize them neatly on your towel rack (to make a nice pattern of some sort but nothing overdone or gaudy)

    Wash your shower curtain and replace the plastic liner. Clean all in and around the toilet to make it sparkle.

    Toddler toys. Organize nicely and make sure all toys with pieces go together (blocks in the box - none left out, any stuffed animals get put together, etc etc).

    The livingroom and dining room, just be sure any unnecessary clutter is cleaned up and organized. Clutter is a HUGE factor in a house looking neat, organized and clean. Don't leave mail or any papers on the tables that do not need to be there. Dust any coffee tables, end tables or furniture that can collect dust. Windex any windows, pictures, t.v or mirrors in that area to make them sparkle. Organize movies, dvds and CD's. Use frabric Febreeze on couches, chairs or ottomans. Fold and lay out any throws or blankets nicely (draping them over a chair or folding to it hangs over the back of the couch)

    In the bedroom, I'm sorta out of options for you there because that's my weak spot. Haha, just organize and put all clothes away and make the bed.

    Lastly, a house can look nice, but if it doesn't smell nice it ruins everything. So up high on a shelf where baby can't reach, you can light a candle or two. However, once you clean with all these products, your house should be sure to smell fresh. And, when it's cooler out, I like to open all the windows to get a nice breeze through the house and air it out briefly.

    Making lists are REALLY good too. It helps me see what has been done and what hasn't.

    Phew...ok, that's my cleaning routine and I hope it helps!

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    invest in some plastic storage boxes and hide the toys in that while she is there. (take out only a few toys for your child to play with) eliminate the clutter, that is what makes a house look messy. Do all of your laundry so you don't have that laying around or piled up. Wipe down your doors and walls, if your little one is anything like my little one there must be hand prints on everything.

    wash all the windows make sure your floors look like a million dollars, if you have carpet stains go to walmart and buy some cheap carpets to place in the walk ways and hide the stains. Also make sure you dust and there are no cob webs.

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    Get the smudges on the walls, glass...anywhere those sticky 2 year old hands touch. And do yourself a favor, don't stress over it too much...MILs are a PITA, and if she has her mind set your place is cluttered and dirty, that's what she;ll see, no matter what you do. She needs to remember you have a young child. If she makes any snarky comments, just say something like 'Oh, I must have been too busy making sure little Johnny stays safe to dust on top of the fridge this month'.

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    arrange for accommodation at an hotel for your in-laws or perhaps a hostel is you want to save some money. have the minibar removed. always meet them at a nice restaurant and if they show up at your home, don't answer the door.

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    you could get some rubber made boxes they help allot and go to the 99 cent store and get its yellow and it clean real good and fast just spray and wipe i wish i could help you i know how hard it is with a baby

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    When my in-laws come, I usually use the "flylady crisis cleaning" method.

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    floors. bathroom. counter tops. walls. windows. living room.

    when i clean house i pick a room that needs it.

    i make it spotless.

    ex. kitchen.

    dishes. oven. floor. trash. mop the whole sha bang(:

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    why start judging her if she hasn't judged you? play fair & just love her.

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