Do you sometimes feel as if the Pirate Ownership could care less about ever turning their team around?

Almost every season is the same thing. They are always trading their players. It's as if they don't mind being the Farm System for every other team. If i where a Pirates fan i would be very disgusted with my team's ownership

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    I live with a Pirates fan, so I do pay attention to them quite a bit, as well as their trades.

    I will give you a long answer, hopefully explaining a bunch.

    What we have to remember is that the Pirates do not have much money to spend. New management took over after 2007.

    And actually, right now, I think this management is turning the Pirates around. Let's look at some of the past trades.

    During the 2007 trade deadline, they made the trade to your Yankees involving Damaso Marte and Xavier Nady. At first, this seemed bad for the Pirates, as Nady was doing fantastic. However, the Pirates had no chance at contention, and he would most likely leave after 2009. So why not trade for prospects and develop them then? In that trade, they got Ross Ohlendorf (currently in the Pirates rotation) and Jeff Karstens (currently in the bullpen, excelling in middle relief) as well as Jose Tabata, a big prospect. So that trade will actually help them in the future.

    Then, there was the Jason Bay trade. Like Nady, Bay was expected to leave the Pirates after 2009, so they decided to trade him and get some prospects. They received Andy LaRoche, who isn't doing bad as the starting third baseman, hitting .264. They also received a big prospect from LA in Bryan Morris and a reliable utility player in Brandon Moss. Moss has started all year, but now is going to be a utility player for the Pirates with the recent LaRoche trade.

    Then there was the Nate McLouth trade, one of the best trades I have seen. The fans did not like seeing a fan favorite go, but it really has paid off. McLouth was overrated. He was the only All-Star last year, but he was hitting a lousy .256 at the time of the trade this year. This trade, first off, allowed Andrew McCutchen, a huge prospect, to take over in center field. He is hitting .296 so far, and really, he is the future. This guy could be one of the most talented players I have seen. He's got crazy speed, already has 5 triples. He is an asset that the Pirates want to keep. So already, he is putting up better numbers than McLouth. Not only that, but the Pirates also got stud pitcher Charlie Morton, who is 2-2 with a 3.21 ERA as a starter. This guy is great. Then, there are two more prospects as well. So with that trade, the Pirates got an upgrade in center field, as well as in the starting rotation. Great trade.

    Then, there was the recent Adam LaRoche trade. He was making $7.5 million with the Pirates and had a .247 batting average. His contract was up at the end of this year, where he would want more money to resign. Most likely, he would not return to the Pirates next year, so why not trade him? The prospects they got in return aren't great, but LaRoche was not going to help the Pirates much.

    Right now, the Pirates lineup looks like this:

    C: Ryan Doumit - Just returned from an injury, a big upgrade for the Pirates and an underrated player in general.

    1B: Steve Pearce - Taking over for LaRoche at first. Has not been as good as thought to be in past callups, but could be an upgrade to LaRoche at first.

    2B: Freddy Sanchez - Most underrated player in baseball. He was the 2006 NL Batting Champ and is hitting over .300.

    SS: Jack Wilson - A fan favorite who is a slick fielder, and not a bad hitter.

    3B: Andy LaRoche - A young player who is hitting in the .260's......could be a big player once he matures.

    LF: Garrett Jones - Proved himself in backup role, now starting and hitting over .300.

    CF: Andrew McCutchen - Speedy, good hitter. What more?

    RF: Delwyn Young - Proved himself as a backup, now getting the chance to start.

    Here is the starting rotation:

    Paul Maholm: - A decent starter, gets the job done.

    Zack Duke - Great pitcher, 3.38 ERA.

    Ohlendorf - Just okay, needs improvement, but gets the job done for the Pirates.

    Virgil Vasquez - Struggling so far, but is young and will get more starts as time goes by.

    Charlie Morton - Lights out so far.

    So really, the Pirates are heading in the right direction now. I think Pirates fans need to have's tough to be a Bucs fan with no optimism. 2011 may be the year for Pittsburgh.

    By the way, P.I. Stingray, an answerer above, has been a lifelong Pirates fan. He remains optimistic about the Buccos and I would like him to be recognized for his loyalty for them.

    Sorry about the long answer. I'm better at talking about this. My brother (the Pirates fan) and I did a bunch of research yesterday after the LaRoche trade, so there's a lot to be said. If you want, you can just email me about the Pirates.

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    The Bucs just got rid of their most overpaid, underachieving player, who would have walked as a free agent after the season anyway. They actually got more than a couple of used bats for the guy, one (Diaz) will eventually be their everyday SS and the other a pitching prospect. Adam LaRoche was slumping badly and was NOT a part of the Pirates future. Even though LaRoche is great defensively, he either hits the occasional HR (usually a solo shot), or ends up striking out or hitting into a DP. All that, plus the Bucs do not have to pay LaRoche the remainder of this years salary (almost $3 million). Advantage = Pirates.

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    It seems like Nutting isn't any better than McClatchey. This is really only the second full season for the new regime, so I'd give them a couple more years to show progress, but what I'm seeing now does bother me. I can see unloading older players for prospects but you might want to keep a popular player or two for continuity. Of course its not the greatest sports town is it. Yeah, they supported the Steelers but the Pirates didn't even sell out World Series games in 1979 and the Penguins have had serious financial problems despite having had 2 of the best players ever.

    What if the Pirates split half their home schedule with Buffalo? They used to draw a million plus for minor league ball.

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    I think the Pirates are doing the smart thing. Dumping LaRoche is a step in the right direction. Obviously they aren't a .500 ball club but I think they're taking steps in the right direction to be one in a few years. Now is the time for them to get rid of any player that has value in favor of prospects they can build a winning team around. Bucs fans should be hopeful. They may see a winning team in a few years.

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    The trade today was a good one in my opinion. You gave up an under-performing 1st baseman who was getting paid 8 million, and received a couple of prospects who could make it to the majors. Not to mention that now Garrett Jones who has 9 homers in his first 16 games can play everyday.

    As for the future, with Pedro Alvarez, Jose Tabata, and Lastings Milledge in the minors and Andrew McCutchen, Garrett Jones, and Delwyn Young already in the majors, the Pirates are looking good for the future. Neal Huntington has done a pretty good job when you look at what he was handed when he got the job.

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    You know Scooter... it totally looks like that... but they have built a really good minor league system and they are developing these guys well and they are getting prospects in the trades they are making. In a few years the ex Indianapoilis Indians and ex Altoona Curve (Indians especially) that have been beating the tar outta everyone in their divisions will be a pretty respectable ball club... if it doesn't work THEN we can poo- poo them.

    They aren't filthy rich like big market teams are... they have to do it this way... first they got rid of Bonds and Bonilla and Van Slyke then they got a new stadium then they built a team... it'll either pay off in the next couple of years or they had a bad idea.

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    The ownership of the Pirates is pitiful. I feel bad for their fans, but things will turn around eventually. New owners will eventually come around and maybe they can bring the Pirates a winning season again.

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    Kind of like the Athletics in the 50s trading off their stars to a certain AL franchise in the Bronx.

    Source(s): Jim Caple, "The Devil Wears Pinstripes"
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    The Pirates are owned by drunk 3 chimps that trade their players for vodka stuffed bananas.

    Last I heard they are running low on voda stuffed bananas and they called Zack Duke into the office and had him try on a A's jersey. Hmmmmmm?

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    i look at the pirates and their ownership and i just laugh, it's like really, you have two well ran organizations with the steelers and penguins in the same city and you can't at least have a .500 season, it's ridiculous:)

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