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San Francisco 49ers Season Outlook?

How do you think the 49ers will do this year 2009/2010 ? Will they make the playoffs with coach Mike Singletary ? A new 49ers team will again take the field this year but one thing is certain the 49ers Defense and the running game remains to be the positives

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    First, let me start out by saying I have been a Niner fan since 1987. So the comments I am about to make are harsh but it's the truth.

    No one in the organization knows what the heck they are doing.

    Drafting Crabtree was a mistake. He's the next bust like Rashaun Woods. They have no decent receivers and Shaun Hill doesn't have a deep threat arm anyways. The 49'ers have never really drafted any real potential star players in the last 10 years (with the exception of Patrick Willis and Julian Peterson). Don't even get me started with how bad Alex Smith has been

    Sure, Singletary won 5 out of the last 6 games at the end of last year. So what does he do when he is officially declared head coach for 2009?!?!? He fires offensive coordinator Mike Martz who got the offense finally going with Shaun Hill. Singletary wants to run the ball more, like the 80's Bears. Ughhhh...... talking about going away from the West Coast offense. With no real QB or receiver to push up the field, expect opposing defense to stack 8 men in the box. No disrespect to Frank Gore, he isn't Walter Payton.

    Source(s): I was a 2007 season ticket holder and the offense stunk so bad that the whole stadium would sacrastically cheer when we actually hit a field goal. I didn't even bother getting 2008 tickets, but it does look like they did get better last year. I hope for the best in 2009. PREDICTION 4 wins and 12 losses.
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    2-5 wins

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    We will WIN the West!!!

    10-6 or 11-5

    and Win at least one playoff game

    GO NINERS!!!

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    Okay, I would guess around 7-9 or 8-8.

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    well the team is looking hella better so 10-6 probally lose divisional

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    Things are looking up. They seem to have finally got that AIDS thing somewhat under control out there.

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    49ers will regret drafting crabtree. the guy is already showing up late to meetings/practices. i guess they haven't learned.

    crabtree=T.O jr

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    no no no if shaun hill is leading them gosh no but maybe they can have some success with alex smith


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