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What is the weirdest place you've ever visited?

You think you've seen it all but these cities will make you look again. Click here to see Lonely Planet's 10 most eccentric cities.

How about you? Have you been to one of these places or have you visited somewhere even more eccentric? What is the weirdest place you've ever visited?

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    I have been to 5 of your 10, but have not seen everything there

    is to see in any of them.

    Red China was just emerging from it's cocoon when I first visited

    in Oct 88. It was still very backward. Our city guide told us

    that there were only about 50 to 100 privately owned vehicles

    in that big city. Most of the delivery trucks were 3 wheel bicycles

    and there were mule carts active in the streets plus millions of bikes

    as well as trams and buses. Most everybody was friendly and waved to us. In Tianamin square people were lined up in orderly lines 4 abreast

    to see Mao. The lines stretched as far as we could see.

    Also found much of interest in Australia and little New Zeeland

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    Las Vegas must be sad it is not the weirdest. They try so hard to be ... yet I visited a friend who lives there and it is mainly the visitors that support the weirdness there. Locals avoid the BIG casinos.

    Guanajato does have amazing mummies, but apart from that, the town is very welcoming to tourists, not weird.

    I have been to about 25 countries and looked for not-your-normal-tourist locations. The WEIRDEST place I went to was:

    Luckenbach, Texas (about 50 miles west of Austin)

    it had a population of 3 during the week (and 2 of them were dogs), but 200 on weekends.

    Basically, Luchenbach is a pub where country music parties hard. I heard they also have armadillo races.

    In Australia, driving across the Nullabor is an experience. It has the longest stretch of straight road in the world.

    When you drive at night, you see a motorcycle coming towards you ... 40 mins later, you realize that there are 2 headlights, 20 mins after that, you pass the truck that was coming at 70 + miles/hr.

    They are about to open a golf course crossing two time zones and stretching 848 miles. (See link below)

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    My mother and I visited Devil's Punchbowl in England and stayed at a hotel room above a pub. The pub didn't want outsiders to eat or drink there so we were snubbed. If you have ever seen "An American Werewolf in London" that is how we were treated. That evening, there was an amazing electrical storm with lightening and thunder and when the thunder hit in the punchbowl (a meteor crater), it would echo off of the walls of the punchbowl.

    The next day, we walked along the moors to the punchbowl and learned that every year, some hikers walk in but never walk out. The strangest thing is that for the past 19 years, I've tried to find Devil's Punchbowl on a map and haven't had any luck. Very strange!!!

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    St. Lucia

    On the bus from the airport the bus was stormed by soldiers faces covered in paint/camouflage we all had to get off the bus but they were only on practice manoeuvres, great way to greet visitors, the sheets hadn't been changed on the bed and there were no towels,(4*hotel) "oh just a little oversight" said housekeeping. The door didn't have lock, so I spent the night sitting on the floor against the door, and when we walked out from our ground floor room onto the beach in the morning there was a cows head ( no cow) right on our doorstep.

    On the beach we were constantly asked if we would like to buy some dope.

    And the desk clerk begged us to take him home with him.

    Oh yes soap was US$5 a bar disproving the old saying no matter how poor you are you can always be clean.

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    A tiny village in the mountains of Bulgaria. The town population was largely Turkish, with some native Bulgarian so I learned a few words in the native tongue but still couldn't communicate with most people. I was sort of a curiosity to most of the people since they had never seen a real American before, lol. It was a farming community, they kept livestock (often in very close proximity to their homes - where I stayed, I had to walk right by where they kept cows and goats to get from the house to the street!). Every evening, the streets were packed with herds of cows, sheep and goats being herded home for the night. Also, the only place that had running water was the community school. Everyplace else had water if the rain was sufficient, but otherwise had to fetch it from the school. I think only one person owned a washing machine; everyone else did laundry by hand. All this, and all the kids/teens had their own mobile phone and loved Shakira.... go figure! Western culture really has invaded everywhere it seems...

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    It was probably Greece. I went to Rhodes Island which is this amazingly historic island in the Greek Islands. It's the place for one of the ancient wonders of the world so should be steeped in local culture and history. Instead the English have taken it over as a resort island and everywhere you go there are advertisements for eggs and beans for breakfast and everything is in English. What a disappointment. Some people never leave the resort pool and don't see some of the amazing areas of the island.

    Another strange place was outside of Washington. We stayed in this hotel in Maryland and in the 2 days we were there, met the rudest most horrible people. Most of my time in America people were very pleasant but we saw two female fist fights (one on the bus and one in a supermarket) and were totally ignored by people we tried to talk to. People just seemed so unhappy and it was such a difference to the America we'd seen in central Washington and in Boston. I guess it shows you what life is really like when you get off the tourist trail.

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    Tokyo, Japan. I felt as if I was simultaneously in the future and the past. You take a right turn and you are in an centuries old temple full of people in Kimonos praying they way they have prayed for centuries. You take a left turn and you find yourself in a futuristic wonderland with more gadgets per square meter then people and the young and old so totally wired-in that it makes most western countries look as if they were in the stone-ages. Then there is the social aspect of the conservative mixed in with the weird. It's the single most bizarre place I have been to in my entire life. I highly recommend people make a point of visiting Japan at least once in their lifetime.

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    Quartzsite Arizona USA.

    It's a small town on the (Interstate 10) from California to Phoenix, with a population of about 2000 I think.

    Silly Al's Bar/diner have a Karaoke night on wednesday nights, if memory serves. It's Country and Western, and is mainly elderly retired people there doing the singing. Wow! Take your video camera.

    I guarantee you will never forget the experience!

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    I was on a Contiki tour in Europe last year and this place was literally no mans land between the Austrian and Hungarian borders ... we stopped there for lunch so it was like a shopping centre, but not. It had a big diner in gothic medieval style including wizards and dragons on the roof, yet next door was another cafe with a real jumbo jet for playing in and a massive globe of the world. There were other weird things there as well as a perfectly normal shopping centre with clothes stores and stuff. It was weird but made for some great photos!

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    The weirdest place that I have visited is Culture village in Seim Reap of Kingdom of Cambodia .It is the best place that I have visited ,it look like so large but it is so small and had any showing about many culture with many aditional of many country .It displays more culture by dance , aditional habbit ect. you can choose a guide to explain you about everything in it coz it can make we lost way to find anywhere for looking somethings . We can go in it by paid alittle money only 10 dollar a person.I think everyone will want like me .

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