What are you "missing out on" by...(high school sweethearts)?

I have been told I will be "missing out" on alot of things because I have been dating the same person since I was 16..and he was 17.

What am I missing out on? Did I miss something here?

I'm now 21 he's 23.

Did you feel that way about marrying your high school sweet heart?

How long have you been together?


So I'm missing out on being a sl*t possibly having an un-wanted child that will in the end have no father and maybe an STD or 2??

Update 2:

We have been together for 5 and half years and living together for almost 2 years and 7 months.

We both still spend enough time with our friends ( my friends are either married, engaged or have slept around with everyone. So I'm not missing much there.

Update 3:

My boyfriend said every guy wants to sleep around...but at the same time. He would be throwing away something great! For a girl that will make him happy for what 2 hours. Plus lose and hurt me. So its not worth it.

I have a friend that is 27 who has been around...and she always says leave I don't know what I'm missing out on.

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    I'm with you on the sexual partners thing. I don't recommend sleeping around to make sure your getting life's experience. For me I'm glad it didn't work out between my high school sweetheart because we grew to be two totally different people. He is most defiantly someone today I would not be attracted to appearance or personality wise. Also I was 16 when i met him and 21 when we broke up and it gave me an opportunity to know who I was and be the person I wanted to be. I went out had fun and hung out with friends. 9 months later I met my husband and that is that. Now in that 9 months I was not sexually active with anyone. So here I am 29yrs old and don't regret a thing about not having "more" sex! LOL. I am however thankful for being able to find the real me.

    If you feel in your heart that he is right for you then go for it! Some people just don't know when to mind their own business! I wish you all the luck!!!!

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    If you are happy and you know he is the man you want to marry then you are not missing out on anything. HOWEVER there are those that marry thier HS sweetheart and then it goes terribly wrong because one of them DOES feel like they want to see what they are missing out on.. if both of you dont think you are missing anyhting then you should be OK.. i didnt marry my highschool sweetheart.. i went to college.. had a good time and all but now that i met my boyfriend and feel like he is the guy i want to marry i dont feel like any of the guys i dated or slept with before matter at all.. if i had never been with anyone but him i would be happy.. SO again if you are happy and dont feel the need to see what its like to know what it feels like to be with another guy then dont even worry about it. My sister married her HS sweetheart.. they dated since they were like 15 or 16 .. both went to different colleges.. stayed together and are now 27 and 28 and have been married 5 or 6 years and just had 2 beautiful baby girls :)

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    I didn't feel that way about marrying him. I felt I missed out on some things for getting pregnant young though.

    I'm 24 now -- he's 26. We've been married a little over 6 years and are very happy.

    I should add that because of my personality the 20's dating world would have gotten really old to me. I would have ended up a nun, a hermit, or a lesbian. Dating men is tiring work. I'm glad I found my love early. Less drama.

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    ive been wit my babe since i was 17 hes older than me by just a couple of years.. but in school all my friends told me it was never going to work out. cuz hes my high school sweetheart. But 4 years later we still feel the same about eachother. I dont think your missing out on anything , if your happy..

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    I have been with my husband for seven and half years now since i was 14 and I don't feel I am missing out on anything. We have two young sons and have lived with each other for over six years.

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    I married my highschool sweetheart, we dated since he was 15 and i was 14! I was his first kiss! We are very happy together, and the best thing is about being high school sweethearts is you two are probably like best friends and you have a background together, also you will have the same class reunion at the same school! and if you are like me and my husband you have alot of inside jokes and memories from school! it is so sweet to me! you are not missing out on anything! besides if you have to many past relationships it can cause baggage in a marriage, so trust me you have it made!!!! :)

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    I kind of feel that way, I have been married for three years and I have been with my husband for six years. You will miss out on going out with friends, you will have to be responsible for EVERYTHING cleaning, laundry, paying bills, and you can't just live carefree. Also have you dated a lot if not then you might want to wait and just have fun. Dont rush into it, live together for a year and if that works then get married.

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    As some others have said here, you won't see it now but you will later. I was married at 18. We have been married for 39 years. People grow apart. They want different things. You will see.

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    You miss out on being with other people and learning about yourself. Most of those relationships end because one of the people decides they want to be with somebody else to see what sex is like elsewhere. I was so in love with my high school sweetheart but im SO glad it didnt work out, i wouldnt have gotten to live out so many life experiences.

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    Some people deduce that certain period of time of having 20 sweethearts in their four years of high school as the one period of time where everyone can act like prostitutes and just go wild with boyfriends and girlfriends.

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