Animal Farm by George Orwell?

I'm writing a paper on the theme of Animal Farm by George Orwell. Any help??? I'd appreciate any help cause i really don't know what the theme is.


ok for all the people telling me to read the book, i DID. I just don't understand it, that's why i asked for the theme in the first place.

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    Some people read it as an allegory of the Russian revolution and the rise of communism and the hypocrisy therein.

    In other words, the pigs stage a revolution to kick the Farmer out of Manor Farm because he's ruling over the animals. The pigs want all animals to be equal, but what happens is that the pigs become 'more equal' than anyone else. The pigs wind up taking the place of the humans, so that the oppressed become the oppressors. Little has changed for the better, in fact the new ruling class is even more harsh than the previous ruling class.

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    I hope you read the book and definitely read the intro so you get what the satire is about. I understood who most of the characters were but I didn't understand who Moses the Raven was supposed to be until I read the wikipedia article on Animal Farm.

    If you understand in general what Russia was like going from its Czars to Lenin and then to Stalin then most of what happens will make sense.

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    The entire book is based off of the "Stalin Era" of WW2.

    Each important person of the Stalin Era is represented in this book as a different animal, such as Napoleon (Pig) is Joseph Stalin and Snowball (Pig) is Leon Trotsky.

    If you know a lot about the history of Russia and communism of WW2, you'll understand this book. If not, look it up on Wikipedia or something.

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    I pity you. That is the most boring book in the universe. Haha - I had to do it. We thought it was based on the Russian revolution. Eg. Napolean - Stalin. I'm sure you can work the rest out for yourself.

    Hope I helped and good luck with your papr


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    I bet if you searched yahoo answers you would have come upon this question. or you could have tried wikipedia. It isn't a source to quote for a paper... but it is a great source to get a general understanding of a subject. It is always a great place to start.

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    Well I don't know too much about it, but it's based on the Russian revolution if that helps . . .

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    Uh try reading the book?

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