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Is there a word that means 'doesn't eat seafood'?

I don't like seafood and choose not to eat it, is there a word that means you don't eat seafood? Like a vegetarian doesn't eat meat, A [blank] doesn't eat seafood. Thank you :D

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    A pescetarian/pescatarian is someone who is on a mostly fish diet. So you could make up a word and say you're a pescephobe/pescaphobe.

    There're two ways of spelling the word, although the pescetarian variant is the most commonly used. The word is also usually pronounced "pesketarian" following the rules of Classical Latin. Piscis in Latin means fish, so that might help you remember the word.

    There's also another funnier term,"Afishianado" also used to describe someone who likes fish. That's obviously a play on the word "aficionado", which means a big fan of something.

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    Nope there is no name for that because there are lots of people who do not like seafood, it is not like an ethical or health thing.

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    There is no label, seafood is still meat so your only not eating one type of meat but you still eat meat.

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    A Meat eater who doesn't like Fish... Nothing special in my opinion.

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    why do u want a label? There's no name for that. I'm 12 and i'm a Vegetarian, but they don't call me a special name like junior vegetarian or anything.

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    I feel your pain. I've been looking for a word to describe myself as well: someone who doesn't eat pickles, cabbage, or reindeer. I need people to know these important things about me!

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  • Omnivore.

    Just say you don't like seafood.

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    LOL that is really funny, I will have to check back, I don't like seafood either.

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