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Describe separating hazards Describe Compromising Hazards and define what it means to drive defensively.?

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    I am making an educated guess here, so this is not text-book perfect, but here:

    separating hazards - address each hazard individually and make a conscious effort to avoid both without interfering with the other.

    compromising hazards - if multiple hazards arise and it is not possible to avoid both, be prepared to decide instantly which hazard is less threatening to cross paths with in an emergency situation.

    Defensive driving - Be constantly aware of your surroundings and adjust your driving to those around you. Do not put yourself in a threatening situation. The most dangerous driver on the road is the nearest driver to you.

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    It's illegal to text message while driving, and here in Texas (U.S.), if a person is caught using a cell phone or texting while in a school zone, there is a $250 fine. Young people think they can multitask, so they eat, use their phones, carry on conversations with passengers, and play music so loud their cars are shaking at stop lights. I try to stay out of the fast lane, and I use a wide rear view mirror (clips on over the regular one). I also don't drive after dark. It seems like that's when the younger people tend to drive more erratically, because they've been to Happy Hour on their way home. It's not just teenage drivers here--they're actually safer than the ones in their 20's and 30's. Thank goodness we have good public transportation here. When in bad weather or if a person isn't feeling well, that's the way to go. Don't take a chance.

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    Define Separating

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    Define Compromising

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    You're honestly going to ask a question about a driving test? Driving isn't a responsibility that should be taken lightly. Just read the book....

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    That's a good question

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    I'm curious on the answer to this question too

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