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Is Indianapolis, IN a nice place to live?

does it have a high crime rate? is it safe? are the houses nice?

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    Indianapolis is a great place to live. You're almost always 20 minutes away from ANYTHING due to the fabulous highways running through the city-- it's so easy to hop on the highway and go wherever you need to go! Indianapolis also does a pretty good job with traffic flow regulation :)

    As far as sides of town, there are beautiful places to live on all sides of the city. It doesn't matter where you are or what your background is, there will always be less fortunate people than yourself and they have to live somewhere too. It may not always look nice, but I'd say Indy is a much SAFER place to live than Crown Point/Gary. There are fabulous houses on all sides of the city, including downtown.

    Indy is also known for its fabulous diversity and culture. The city hosts all sorts of festivals, competitions and conventions. There is always something to do. Also, check out the Downtown Indianapolis websites. We host the national swimming championships, a fabulous NFL team, Black Expo, numerous cultural festivals, Rib Fest, Summer concert series, The Children's Museum, The Pacers, Indianapolis Motor Speedway etc. There are lots of informational webpages regarding housing, suburbs, schools, anything and everything.

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    I've lived here for like 8 years, and in that time nothing bad has really happened to me. The houses are nice. But it all depends where you live.. But i don't wanna scare you it's a pretty good place to live. Just stay away from the ghetto. But there are parts that are great. I give it 3 out of 4 stars. Hope i helped. :)

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