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I need a Dahon folding bike?

Does anyone have a Dahon folding bike for sale in the Midlands for a reasonable price.. My son desperately needs one for getting to work.

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    I came across a website that features the top 3 folding bike brands. Brompron folding bikes, Dahon folding bikes and Birdy Folding bikes. These are new bikes and I don't know your budget. They also have links on the site that point to suppliers that have the best price deal available.

    I personally like the Dahon Mu EX as it is definitely one of the coolest Top Folding Bikes around. It is light and folds within 15 seconds once you know how. If you have the cash I would recommend this Dahon Folding bike.

    The top folding bikes usually retain their value depending on their condition so if you find one where the price looks too good to be true make sure you get a bike mechanic to check it out first.

    Hope you find the Dahon for you they are great bikes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd recommend looking on ebay or in local classifieds - for example in trade it (google it) or in the friday-ad (online at

    Although Dahons are good folding bikes there are many out there that are as good if not better. Brompton, Dawes and Raleigh are all good manufacturers of folding bikes.

    When looking be warned - old folding bikes (especially those made in the 1980's and early to mid 90's) are often as heavy as their non-folding counterparts, so are not as easy as you may think to get onto trains, buses etc.

    Good luck :)

    Source(s): Experience working as bike mechanic, knowledge of the industry
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  • 1 decade ago

    not Dahon, but this guy may have some folders on special he can ship you. I have one.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mine is not for sale but I strongly recommend them! They are very good quality.

    Try Ebay if you want 2nd hand else buying new you can buy new ones for about £350

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