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Hey guys, I;m going to the TNA Wrestling House Shoe here in Laredo, Texas on August 22nd. Anyone else going? I got floor seats tickets. Its;

Section/Aisle: FLR A.. Row: 2... Seat: 18. Admission: 52.00 and the rest if the stuff in Tickets.

According to TNA website, AJ Styles, Scott Steiner, Suicide, My Loves (Velvet Sky and Angelina Love ;]!!!) amoung many others are coming. Hopefully, Kurt comes too, I'd love to take another pic with himl Its worth the 20 bucks!

Also, SUPER CRAZY will appear, since its Laredo, TX, Which we all talk in Spanish, he'll more likely gonna be there because of that. Last time, August 1st of 2008, they came and Mexican Wrestlers Ultimo Guerrero and Ray B came.

Question: Your thoughts on the Angle/Karen/Jarrett thing? Is it a worked shoot? or real?

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    I would guess that it's real, because you can't make that up, but I doubt it's a big deal and I'm sure the HEAT they are talking about is a worked shoot that creative will write into a storyline.

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    I Could Of Sworn You Asked This Question Yesterday But I'll Answer

    Yeah That's Cool

    This Will Lead Kurt Angle To WWE, MMA Or Retiring.

  • problaby real and if super crazy does go ypur lucky

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