What are my rights? MFI Kitchen?

I ordered a kitchen from MFi in Oct 08, when I went to pay the full amount on my debit card the sales lady advised me not to pay on my debit card as she tought that the branch was going to go bust and sold off in a couple of days and to take the finance option with black horse finance and then I would be safe and not lose any money and would be able to deal with another local branch and pay by cash when it was deemed safer or after I had taken delivery of the kitchen.

Evidently that did happen so I then was in touch with the other branach they organised my delvery etc.

After taking delivery of my kitchen in Nov 08 I was well aware that the MFI policy was any missing items were to be reported within 72hrs, as I was not able to get the kitchen fitted for 3 weeks I wasnt able to see if there was any of the kitchen missing at that time, however at the time of assembly we found that a significant amount of the kitchen was missing. Unfortunalty this was in the same week that MFI went bust all together so I was not able to contact them for a any missing parts etc, so I had to pay exsortion amounts of money for the missing pieces on the internet.

After 3 months of no payments being taken from Black Horse I rang them and they said they had no record of me and to email an enquires dept at MFI, I did so (and still have the email) and asked them to supply the finance docs as it was a rushed situation and I was not quite sure what I had signed and wanted to pay the full amount there and then.

I have had no reply until today (8 months later) from MFI asking for the full amount, I have now spent the money and cant afford to pay the monthly payment.

Is it fair that that they have taken so long to come back to me when I was willing to pay the full amount in the first place and I only got 1/2 a kitchen?

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  • David
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    1 decade ago
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    am I correct in saying Made For Idiots of have gone bust and no longer trade

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  • 1 decade ago


    Yes, you are right to feel as if you got the bad end of the deal. Unfortunately this situation is not about fairness, but about your legal obligation to pay for what you received. Compose a letter to Black Horse Finance explaining the situation, with copy furnished MFI, and ask for a copy of the finance documents. Although they will probably hold you to the 72 hours for reporting missing pieces, you are in a perfect position to negotiate to pay less than what they claim you owe. Tell them what you can pay and ask them to accept your proposal in writing. Stick to your position, make sure you document all the contacts you have with either the finance company or MFI. If they call you, ask them to send you anything they want or need in writing so that you have a history trail on getting this issue resolved. If you don't think you can handle the negotiation and if the amount is more than what you will have to pay a lawyer to speak on your behalf, you might want to consider getting legal advise. Best Wishes!

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  • 1 decade ago

    contact the company and explain to them you have on previous calls tried without success to pay the full amount and now because of your situation changing and the world we live in today cannot afford to pay in full and they will have to settle for a small payment on the condition that you receive ALL of your kitchen. you are not paying for what you did not receive and that is not your fault and you had contacted them at the time and they did nothing. this will give you time and they should come through for you. after all it isn't your fault they went bust and kept you waiting all this time.They cannot take you to collections unless you make no payment what so ever even if you pay a small amount a month they cannot do a thing, as long as you are paying what you owe they have to keep the account open because you are willing to pay.And, the fact that you never got what they expect you to pay for blows me away, just talk to someone in charge and go from there, and be firm on the phone that you cannot and will not pay in full.

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  • Cala
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    1 decade ago

    Unfortunately I doubt that you would get anywhere if you pursued this matter. You have no claim re the missing parts as you did not report it within the allocated time span. I could be wrong, but I think that you are liable for any outstanding debt that is presented within 6 years of the original date - in which case the 8 months it has taken would not get you out of paying for it.

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