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What are some jobs in the legal field besides Paralegal/Legal assistant and Lawyers?

I've been a paralegal for 2 yrs and i like it but i feel like im getting bored with it. i want to go back to school for something "in the law field" but im just now sure yet. Can anyone help me find some careers in the legal field.

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    Core Legal Careers

    * Lawyer (also called Attorney, Counselor, Solicitor, Barrister, Advocate)]

    * Paralegal (also called Legal Assistant)

    * Legal Secretary (also called Adminstrative Assistant or Legal Assistant)

    Careers in Legal & Administrative Support

    o Legal Assistant

    o File Clerk

    o Court Messenger

    o Copy Center Professional

    o Mailroom Clerk

    o Administrative Assistant

    Careers in Litigation Support

    o Litigation Support Professional

    o Hybrid Paralegal

    o E-Discovery Professional

    o Practice Support Professional

    o Document Coder

    o Litigation Support Analyst

    o Litigation Support Specialist

    o Project Manager

    o Litigation Support Manager or Director

    Careers in the Courtroom

    o Judge

    o Magistrate

    o Law Clerk

    o Mediator (also called Arbitrator or Conciliator)

    Careers in Court Reporting

    o Court Reporter (also called Stenographer)

    o Broadcast Captioner

    o CART Provider (Communication Access Realtime Translation)

    o Webcaster

    Careers in Legal Consulting

    o Legal Nurse Consultant

    o Trial Technology Consultant

    o Jury Consultant

    o Trial Consultant

    o EDD Consultant

    o Computer Forensics Professional

    o Legal Software Consultant

    o Legal Marketing Consultant

    o Forensic Scientist

    o Legal Videographer

    o Legal Investigator

    o Accident Reconstructionist

    o Legal Management Consultant

    o Document Management Specialist

    Careers in Legal Publishing

    o Legal Publisher

    o Legal Writer

    o Legal Editor

    o Legal Web Manager

    Careers in Legal Administration

    o Law Firm Administrator

    o Contract Administrator

    o Law Firm Marketer

    o Practice Administrator

    Careers in the Courthouse

    o Courtroom Deputy

    o Court Administrator

    o Court Interpreter

    o Courtroom Technology Specialist

    o Court Clerk

    o Prothonotary

    Careers in Legal Education

    o Law Professor

    o Law School Dean

    o Law School Admissions Officer

    o Legal Career Counselor

    o Paralegal Instructor

    o Legal Researcher

    Careers in Intellectual Property

    o Patent Attorney

    o IP Docketing Specialist

    o Patent Designer & Illustrator

    o Patent Agent

    o Patent Clerk

    Careers in the Political System

    o Attorney General

    o District Attorney

    o Legislator

    o Legislative Aide

    o Legislative Staffer

    o Legal Analyst

    o Lobbyist

    Miscellaneous Legal Careers

    o Compliance Specialist

    o Conflicts Analyst

    o Legal Recruiter

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    Electronic discovery specialist?... I don't think I saw that up there.

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    Law enforcement.

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