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Why do Liberals get so worked up about Fox being Conservative when they've got CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.?

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    Don't want opposing information getting out.

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    Fox News's Commentary is definitely Conservative.

    Greta Van Sustrand and Shepard Smith would be surprised to hear that they are Conservative, and both have their own shows on Fox. Seems they like the freedom of not having a DNC fax machine in their offices.

    If it is Conservative to report all the news, including the stories the aforementioned networks don't want us to see, than I guess Fox News is Conservative.

    CNN chased out Glenn Beck. When is his Conservative replacement due again?

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    That is simply not true... EVERY station in the corporate advertising controlled media is purely big business.

    There is very little truth in any of them.

    I am very liberal and the only stations I trust for SOME of the truth are CSPAN, PBS, NPR and BBC... and SOMETIMES CBS.

    MSNBC and NBC are the same conglomerate and ABC is purely "family values" propaganda from Disney. They all paint themselves as either conservative or liberal but they are neither... They have only one interest and that is money from corporate advertisers... and if you think FOX is any different then you are just playing right into their hands.

    It's a shame that so many people allow the corporate media to mind-warp them into believing that there are only two sides to every issue and that a certain station leans to one side or the other... They are in it for themselves and they don't care what you think as long as you keep watching and buying their advertisers products (health insurance, cars, car insurance, pharmaceutical products, and petroleum based products).

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    I don't get worked up at all. People who can't read because it gives them a headache have to get their news somewhere. It's too bad most of it is lies. There used to be a time when truth in broadcasting was the golden rule. Now it's whatever gets ratings. So do you think the Michael Jackson funeral will last longer than the O.J. trial?

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    Fox calls themselves fair and balanced, they're not, not even close. if they want to lean right, fine, but they should at least say so. Not even Rush lies like that claiming to be down the middle. He's honest about his lies. Same with Michael Moore. He never said he was showing both sides of an argument. During the run up to the 2004 election the primary spokesman Fox used for the democratic party was so bad, he was ether insane, or a republican hired to make democrats look bad. Most likely both as insane, and republican seem to go hand and hand.

    And now, here's a question for you. Whenever cons ask a question about Obama, you say we always spin the answer to Bush's failures as a president, a leader, and as a human being. I don't deny that, because it happens to be the truth, and you saying you don't like it doesn't change the fact that it is true. But aren't you doing the same thing? Whenever one of us brings up Fox Tabloids (I can't call it news anymore) You spin it by bring up the the alphabet soup you mentioned above?

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    Because Fox is propaganda and we don't have any of the networks you mentioned. We have 2 shows on MSNBC. Have you ever seen the rest of their shows? It and the rest of the media promotes corporate interests only...If that happens to be President Obama for the moment, then they'll promote him--but I haven't seen it. In fact, I've got no time for tv anymore. It all sucks!

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    Liberals are hypocrites. They want the right to do and say whatever they want, on your dime, all the while screaming about what you can't do or say.

    and for the record, Fox was found to be far more middle of the road that it is conservative. Look it up libs, I'm sick and tired of pasting the link here for you. It's a California university that did the study to.

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    Because those stations don't incessantly lie like Fox does.

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    Simple, Fox isn't news. Anymore than MSNBC is. They are both propaganda machines.

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    Communists want total control

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    Everyone with a brain is insulted when fox news lies and tries to claim that they are "fair and balanced".

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