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1.Invoice No. xxxx會今天寄出

Invoice No. xxxx will mail out toady

2.Please let me know if the mailing address is not post to Bill to address.

如寄出的地址不是Invoice 上的Bill to address, 請給我知~

3.The attached DN has not been chopped, pls follow / The attached DN is without chopped, pls follow.


4.Mail / post 其實係咪用法一樣??

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    1.Invoice No. xxxx will be mailed out toady. (use passive voice)

    2. Please let me know if the mailing address is not posted to the Bill to address. (passive voice, article)

    3. Correct!

    4.Mail and post are of the same usage.

    Hope I can help you:()

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    For No.1

    OR you may say:

    I will mail out invoice No. xxxx today.

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    1. I guess using the word send will be better. So the sentence will become:

    Invoice no. xxx will be sent out today.

    2. Please let me know if the mailing address is different from the Bill to address on the invoice.

    3. The attached DN included no chop from your company, please chop as appropriate.

    4. they are almost the same, but post is usually used as a noun (REFER TO THE LETTER) and mail can be a verb (SEND OUT) or a noun (THE LETTER OR E-MAIL MESSAGE).

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