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我睇咆哮山莊果陣on that cold hill-top the earth was hard with frost.......

咁was hard with係咪被..覆蓋着既意思?不過我上字典都check唔倒有依個字

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    was hard with = 因結霜而變得堅硬了

    beacuse the wuthering height 's english is' old english'.

    nowadays people won't use the sentence or phrase from wuthering height or pride and prejudice such book cause it is out-dated.

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    答案是:不是。Was hard with frost 解「因結霜而顯得堅硬了」。

    如果是「被…覆蓋著」,應該是 was covered with(frost)了。


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    係.... 個地結o左霜咪硬囉 ^^

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