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如何能於短期內達到 IELTS 合格的成績?

對於一個中三已離校, 在沒多寫/沒多聽英文的工作環境下, 工作已超過十多年的人, 如何能於短期內能令他 IELTS 合格?

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    Actually, IELTS has no official passing score. In general, many small company need you to have 5.5 pts at least.


    9 Expert user

    8 Very good user

    7 Good user

    6 Competent user

    5 Modest user

    4 Limited user

    3 Extremely limited user

    2 Internittent user

    1 Non user

    As you can see, different people have different passing mark in their mind...But if you get 1 is of course fail since it means you are a non user in English...

    But don't worry, if your English is good in Primary school, in general, you can get 4.5points at least.

    You can try to do some mock paper first...Coz if you are not good in English , you are difficult to find any tutorial center for you to attend...

    Maybe you can try British Council, they will give you a test to see whether you are ok to take the preparation course and IELTS exam or not.

    Good luck with your IELTS Examination.

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