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Anonymous asked in 電腦與網際網路程式設計 · 1 decade ago

非常急 !! 求這個網誌的背景音樂名字!! 20點

拜託了!! 非常急!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    [歌名] A Love Divine

    [演唱] Sharyn Maceren



    Things haven't changed since the

    First day we met

    I still feel brand new

    I haven't wanted anyone the way that

    I wanted you

    You bring the sunlight to my days and

    Make the sky brighter blue

    Let's lay upon the grass and

    Thank the heavens wishes come true


    Place your hands on mine

    On mine... on mine

    We have A Love Divine


    Verse II

    You truly are the sweetest thing

    That I have ever known

    You've whispered in my ears

    A thousand times

    That I feel like home

    I feel so blessed to be your love,

    Your best friend and your soulmate

    Give me a kiss and hug

    Our love's a reason to celebrate


    Every day

    I am thankful

    Because you chose me

    Place your hand on mine, love

    'Cause it's a divine

    Divine love

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