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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferencePrimary & Secondary Education · 1 decade ago

im scared, high school tips please?


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    1 decade ago
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    these are tips that i've been giving freshmen lately...


    - don't be scared/nervous/worried... high school is not that big of a deal

    - get a map of the school so you don't get lost... but don't walk around the school with it in front of your face

    - don't ask upperclassmen for help if you're lost (ask a teacher or friend) cuz they might point you in the wrong direction

    - don't stop in the middle of the hallways

    - join clubs/sports... trust me it's an easy way to make friends and it looks good on college applications

    - don't run to lunch

    - don't tell your boyfriend you 'love' him in the same week you started dating him.

    - on the first day don't wear you hollister shirt, hollister pants, hollister flipflops, and carrying your hollister bag... you will have freshman written all over you and don't wear too much makeup/accesories... just wear something simple but cute :)

    - it is possible to fall UP the stairs... lol. but if this (or something like this) does happen don't be embarrassed... just laugh at yourself and walk away cuz its no big deal

    - please don't be an immature freshman

    - make good grades (don't screw it up freshman year cuz you WILL regret it)

    - don't come to school on the first day with your huge backpack full of colored pencils, glue sticks, tissue boxes... you don't need all that crap you're in high school now. all you need for the first day is paper, pencils, and a folder

    - there is no pool on top of the school

    - if someone offers you an elevator pass.... don't buy it!!!

    - don't decorate your locker (nobody at my school decorates them)

    - don't start talking to random uppperclassmen like they are your best friend

    - don't talk about your UPPERCLASSMEN friends cuz you can tell someone is a freshman when they say "my SENIOR friend..... blah blah blah" it doesn't matter what grade they are in! all of your friends are PEOPLE.

    - don't talk about how "cool" you think you are cuz your finally in high school

    - be prepared for freshman friday!!!! nahhh i'm just kidding it doesn't exist.... and any rumors you hear are all FAKE! nothing scary happens... and high school is nothing like the movies.

    good luck :)

    class of 2010!

    Source(s): sen'10r
  • 1 decade ago

    hi baby!

    u said u are scared, scared of what?

    1. is it because of the pressure that u need to undergo during this phase of school life, thinking about the public examination?

    if so don't be. This is the most important part of life where u should not be diverted and read and understand the subject matter and present it very legibly possible use underlines in the key words which will help u to score more and also if it is a science subject first u can learn from the drawings itself and again presentation. Maths once u understand and keep on practicing u can score 100%.

    and this is the point where u should have an ambition of what u are going to be.

    2. Your fellow students. Be very friendly to ur fellow students. And make friendships with only good people ie. don't indulge in things which ur conscience says no.

  • 1 decade ago

    There is nothing to be ascared of in high school. Its basically the same as middle school. Just older kids. High school is nothing like they make it seem on t.v. Here are just some things you should remember...

    - First off, DO NOT GET COMFORTABLE! As you progress in school, the work will get harder. That means you definitely need to pay attention in school and take notes. Do your homework because that counts for most of your grade anyways including projects. Maintain your grades.

    - In the first week in school, don't act like you own the place. Acting as if your above everyone and your sooo cool. Because from jump people won't like you. Just be yourself, friendly.

    - The upperclass won't really bother you much unless you really give them a reason. They pretty much just leave you alone. They don't stuff you in lockers and trash cans like in movies.

    - DON"T GIVE INTO PEER PRESSURE. Things like drugs and sex will increase during high school But you have to have self control. When things like that happen, think about your future and where you want to be. Doing drugs and having sex is something you don't want to get involved with.

    - And being popular is not important. So don't try hard to obtain it. You either have it or you don't. Be you and not something your not.

    Source(s): a future sophomore..Already been thru freshman year.
  • 1 decade ago

    It is sometimes difficult to face a big change like starting high school and meeting new people. I suggest talking to the counselor at the new high school before classes begin. maybe the counselor could identify an upperclass mentor who can help you to get around and to meet new people. don't wait until classes begin because counselors can be very busy with class schedules at the beginning of the year. Try to identify someone in your neighborhood who already attends the high school and get their help with classes and meeting new people. Show yourself friendly and you will have many friends.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its not too bad.. Stay away from drugs/alcohol/and other things that could possible ruin your life... If your gonna be a freshman look out for upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) and also sophomores. There gonna try to get to you.. People will call you a freshman fish don't get defensive we all had to go through it.. try to stay out of trouble with principals teachers and other authority figures.. they can also ruin your life.. lol.. oh btw high school is alot different then junior high so try to act mature but not over your age.. Good luck lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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