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Which is better: the Cloak and Dagger or the regular Invisibility Watch?

I'm an avid TF2 player (yet still a bit of a newbie) and I was wondering which is better to use as a Spy: the regular Invisibility Watch or the Cloak and Dagger? I know the C&D is motion sensitive, so does that make it easier for enemies to spot you when you're moving? Which is better to run away/cloak with? I assume it's the C&D, but I keep getting spotted when I'm running around cloaked. Any opinions/thoughts?

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    Cloak and Dagger is for those pesky spies that crawl around the map, sit in corners or just in obvious spots waiting for someone to get distracted so they can pull out their ambassador and score a headshot.

    Note: The motion-sensitive thing doesn't mean anything.

    Just a note to make the description look less boring :)

    The regular watch is what I use.

    You can regenerate your cloak by picking up fallen weapons and ammo boxes. That's amazing.

    This watch is usually for the spy that uses a knife, like every spy should...

    With Cloak & Dagger, you can stay invisible indefinitely by standing in one spot, or crawling.

    Jumping and running will wear your cloak down like a dry blade of grass on fire.

    With the regular cloak however, the rate is constant.

    It's easier to estimate how much longer you have until you're out.

    This gives you time to think about what to do.

    You know there's an ammo box right around the corner, there's one behind you, Oh look fallen weapons! Etc.

    With C&D, you do not have that luxury.

    Well... You could stop and crawl to the nearest wall and wait I guess... lol

    WIth C&D, if your cloak bar runs dry and you don't uncloak or stop to regenerate, you will be running around with a shimmer around you, so you are partially visible.

    I think that's what you mean.

    You have to stop and let your bar refill.


    C&D is for Ambassador spies.

    Regular is for high action backstabbing spies.

    Both are good, depends on how you feel like playing.

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    Advantage: you could become invisible. This has numerous strategic, defensive, and espionage applications (far more than three). Disadvantage: Anything that would perfectly bend light around you would leave you blind. If vision is in any way possible while wearing the cloak, the means of seeing would allow the cloaked person to be seen as well. Also, as has been noted sound would not be muted by the cloak.

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    Spy Invis Watch

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