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Why is Salvia Divinorum legal in most states but Marijuana isn't legal at all?

If Salvia is just as powerful as the drug LSD, why is it legal? If this is legal, why can't marijuana be legalized?

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    Being as powerful as LSD isn't a reason to be outlawed. Being as harmful as LSD would be a reason to ban it. Fact is, Salvia is harmless to the brain and body. In fact it has huge medicinal potential. US Congress in 2001 decided to keep salvia legal on the Federal level to allow medicinal research with hopes for Salvia to one day cure depression and a myriad of mental diseases.

    Marihuana kills brain cells, Salvia doesn't. Simple as that.

    However, Marijuana IS on the way to be legalized. It's already legal for medical purposes in many States and it's on the way to becoming legal for recreational uses as well at least in the state of California. Expect it to be legal there within 2 years tops.

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    Salvia lasts like a minute. big deal

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    I don't know or care. Why don't you write a letter to the government and see what happens.

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    It will be outlawed in all states soon enough.

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    Because people are stupid.

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