Diablo Cody to blame for Teen Pregnancies?

Have you noticed how the number of teen pregnancies has gone up since Juno? Well at least in my town it has. Girls seem to think they can normally return to their teen lives once they've popped one out. Now you hear comments like "aww you look so cute pregnant."

I don't care what anybody says, it is not cool for little girls to be having sex, you don't know who you are or what you really want in life? You can hardly deal with school what makes you think you can be responsible enough to raise a child?


She didn't keep her baby, but everything was fine and dandy afterwards. The messege left is: "Go on, have sex, you can just give it away afterwards."

And yes, teen pregnancy has beein happening for a long time, but you'd think that now that women have a chance to be someone in this society they'd take that opportunity.

"Hmm...college? Nah, I'll just marry my high school sweetheart and have a kid. The governent and my parents can provide for me anyway..."

Update 2:

(Sigh) I don't know why I posted in this section, since everyone here probably IS a pregnant teen or a teen working on getting pregnant.

Darlings...the media has more influence than you can imagine...

Update 3:

OMG! Ignorant? Doesn't anyone recognize sarcasm when they see it? I'm not actually blaming Diablo Cody for teen pregnancy, it's known as "the hook" a way to get you to look at my question.

And yes, the media is to blame, as are irresponsible parents for not paying more attention to what their kids do on Saturday nights. I waited, all my relatives waited to have sex until we were of legal age. Is it so difficult to keep your legs closed? Oh I'm sorry, maybe I overestimated our society and we're really not that much above animals.

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    Despite a minor increase in 2006, the rate of pregnancies among teen girls has been on a downward trend since 1991


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    Of course the media is going to have an influence on people. But it's whether or not people actually give into what they see in the media that makes the difference.

    And you can't base that teen pregnancies have gone up everywhere else just because they have gone up in your town. Teen pregnancy has become common. The fact of the matter is, it's always going to be there. There's no way to stop it, the only way is to educate it. Teenage years are pretty rough but it sounds like you had it easy. Not everyone can turn away from temptation. And believe me it's really hard to turn away from the temptation.

    And what would the difference be if you wait until your of legal age?

    No, parents aren't to blame, the kids are, they're not educated enough. I live in texas and the only sexual education is to not have sex. You think telling teens to not have sex is really going to fly?

    Get off your high horse and get back to reality, there are a million other things to worry about in this world other that teen pregnancy

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    Not at all. I've never understood how Juno supported teen pregnancy.

    She was ostracized by her peers and she didn't even keep her baby.

    1 + 2 does not equal 4.

    EDIT: I'm a teen, and I'm not pregnant and I have no intentions of getting pregnant. I think teen pregnancy has become more commonplace, definitely but not because of Juno and the media. It's because parents are checking out and relying on their kids to take abstinence pledges and remain virginal instead of teaching them about safe sex and the consequences that can come from having sex at a young age. The lack of proper sex ed in school is also to blame. It's ridiculous to insinuate that one movie about teen pregnancy is the cause for the rise we see today. It's like saying Transformers is causing people to buy more cars or something.

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    Diablo Cody is not standing over these kids forcing them to have sex. What goes in and out of their vaginas is their responsibility, not the responsibility of the media. If Juno is to blame for teen pregnancies, it follows that movies about Hannibal Lectar must also be to blame for all cannibals, and Rain Man for all Autistic kids. And Will & Grace must be the only reason gay men and straight women ever share apartments.

    Also, this is from the Guttmacher Institute; http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/2006/09/12/USTPstat...

    Between 1990 and 2002 the rate of teens who had ever had sex declined by 28%, and every state in America saw declines in teen pregnancy rates. And teen pregnancy rates were actually far higher in the 70's than they are now - the amount of pregnant teens right now is lower than it's ever been since then.

    I agree that it's sad when young girls who really can't cope with children have one of their own (not in a judgmental way, just in a way that it's sad they'll both be stuck in a bad situation), but I disagree with blaming that on the media. The USA is a democracy and one of the mainstays of democracy is freedom of information and freedom of speech. For some girls pregnancy is crazy but they do go back to normal lives after. Stopping people from making movies about that individual experience is violating their right to free speech and freedom of expression, and that isn't okay.

    (I'm sorry you can't listen to opinions and facts about the subject you asked a question about that contradict your own opinion without resorting to patronizing behavior and childish accusations about us all being pregnant or trying.)

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    Of course movies are to blame for teen pregnancy and teen sex!!! What else could it be? Not hormones, no no no, not those. It can't possibly be the feeling of love that some teenagers do feel for one another no matter what adults who were screwed over by their high school sweethearts refuse to admit. It can't be their parents who refuse to talk to them about sex and contraception. Stop being an ignorant ***** and realize that teenagers will have sex (not all of them) and they need to be informed of methods of birth control and shown the responsibility of parenthood.

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    Why are we trying to blame other people for teens getting pregnant?

    Its not anyone elses fault.

    Why dont you blame porn for making kids want to have sex.

    and actually the Juno was made to send the message that adoption is a better alternative than abortion.

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    Juno, Diablo Cody aren't to blame for teen pregnancies, I'm not judging any teen moms or expecting teen moms, i respect them because they love their babies, but it's their own choice, i hope Im not offending everybody, but it's their own decisions.

    Source(s): &&& how dare you say that? just calm down
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    there's nothing wrong with teen pregnancies. I'm a teen and pregnant with twins. that doesnt mean that I can't handle it. Are you going to judge me just because I'm 16 and pregnant? I'm sure you would. There's alot of adults out there that are worse than teens, so stop focusing on teens so much and worry about yourself.

    & another thing that i forgot..not all teens just go and have sex for no reason and get pregnant by accident. I chose to get pregnant because that's what me and my boyfriend wanted. movies aren't to blame for anything. teens are going to have sex anyways. It's never going to stop.

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    (Sigh) I don't know why I posted in this section, since everyone here probably IS a pregnant teen or a teen working on getting pregnant.

    EXCUSE ME! I am not a pregnant teen or a teen working on getting pregnant. You are a b*tch.

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    Well there are alot of adults who get pregnant and can't take care of their children, why are you so focused on teens?

    Its not like this generation is the first to have sex.

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