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do you think the cavs roster is good and like there additions?

personall, i like it but wish we could of done more and got barnes instead of moon cuz we need him more but...

pg. williams, moon, gibson

sg west parker moon kinsey

sf james, green

pf varejao hickson

c shaq z

our reserves being darnell jackson christien eyenga and jawad williams

i think its a team that can win 65

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    Jamario Moon is actually a SF

    And yes being a Cavalier fan cavaliers got 2 post presences and arguebally the best all round player in Lebron James. Varajao is great but is gettin overpaid. Shaq is old but is gonna do a better job than ilgauskas at guarding D Howard. I say they can win 67 if they play like last year.

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    I think the cavs are good just because of lebron. With him alone they can get to the playoffs in the east. Im not seeing 65 games though maybe the same or slightly better than last year. I like williams and west, shaq and even varejao. However the rest aren't that good. Big Z is decent for shooting from the outside but is a liability on the defensive end he just can't move. There really aren't any perimeter shooters in this lineup either. You could make a case for gibson and williams but neither are consistent enough to be a threat. Shaq presence is really for the playoffs because Dwight Howard just destroyed them in the post. Overall I don't think they got any better or worse just a little more competitive for the playoffs against the teams with good big men

  • Moon wont run point.

    Overall they look ok lets see how they match up against the Big 4 now.

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    unfortunuately, they will not win an NBA title.

    Lebron James is not a winner, too many stars, not enough teamwork.

    there is no shooting threat either.

    they will not beat the lakers.

    plus the eastern conference is much improved.

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    moon is a Sf not a Pg

    but other wise very good linup

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    varejao out z in

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