How do I permanently stop the USPS from delivering ANY mail to my address for any reason?

I would basically like to opt-out as a USPS 'customer'. I would not like to receive any USPS mail from any sender for any reason. If someone wants to send me something, they can use UPS or FedEx. :-P

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    Your local government uses USPS for formal notices, taxes, legal mailings, etc.

    I don't think it is possible to opt out.


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    Usps Stop Mail Permanently

  • 5 years ago

    pull up your mailbox. they will eventually stop delivering, and all mail will be returned as moved with no forwarding address ... i know this to be true because after receiving over 70 POUNDS of junk mail in a SINGLE WEEK, i finally took down my mailbox in 2000, and have cheerfully been mail-free for well over a decade. USPS doesnt like it, but thats ok, they dont HAVE to like it. although i DID have to file vandalism and littering charges against the USPS several times for leaving bundles of mail on my doorstep before they finally stopped.

    i also had to make the case in court (which i did, successfully) that there is no legal compulsion or requirement for any individual to accept postal mail (which came up as a result of a failure to appear charge from not receiving a jury summons) nor is there any city code (where i live, your case may be different) requiring the presence of a postal mail box on private property. like the USPS, the court also didnt like it, but that is why they have process servers to hand deliver summons.

    regarding an early answer suggesting the utility companies wont like it... it is true, they dont. and even if you keep paying them, they may turn off your service if they receive multiple bills returned to them... however, now that all utilities (that i am aware of) offer electronic billing, this is not an issue. and even when it WAS an issue, speaking to their billing department about your situation usually will solve the problem, and contacting a lawyer to send them a nastygram about it has always worked where a friendly phone call didnt.

    in 2000, most people thought i was crazy to do this, but i always told them i was just ahead of the curve ... i believe that the last 15 years have shown this to be true.

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  • Carl P
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    They must attempt to deliver mail if addressed to you. They are a Federal Agency and their charter does not allow them to exempt persons from receiving mail addressed to an address.

    However if there is no mailbox to deliver to, they may post notices of pending mail, or worse case slip it between the screen door and front door of a house. However with no where to put the mail, it may stop.... for a while,.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sure the utility comanies would love that one. Hope you have candles around the house? If you don't want your mail just get a P. O. Box and go pick it up when you want to.

  • jjc927
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    You can contact them to have your mail stopped. This is meant for people moving away or going on vacation though.

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