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panic attack with starting zoloft/generic?

i have recently been on zoloft for 2 weeks now and had the worst panic attack in awhile it lasted 1 or so and i was wondering if anyone had increased anxiety/panic attacks when starting this medicine also feeling of nervousness and easily startled i felt better the first couple of days but just hit me out of no where? i was on zoloft before but stopped and remembered this feeling before but not as bad please help or share stories?

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    i am on zoloft 50mgs i take it for anxiety&depression the only

    reaction i had from it is when my dr.increased the medication

    to 100 mgs,he had to cut it back to 50 mgs.everyone is

    different some have reactions to zoloft&some dont,give the

    medication another 2 weeks if you are still having problems

    tell your dr. he may change the medication.

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