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I want to know how much these 29 yugioh cards will sell for.?

I have 29 yugioh cards as follows:

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon-Holo-Almost Perfect condition-12stars-LIMETED EDITION-JMP-EN005

Theinen The Great Sphinx-Holo-Almost Perfect-10stars-EPI-EN001

Infernal Flame Emperor-Holo-Almost Perfect-9stars-1st Edition-SD3-EN001

Gearfried Knight set:Gearfried the Iron Knight 4star SD5-EN005, Realease Restraint Spell SD5-EN032, Gearfried the Swordmaster 7star SD5-EN016 all almost perfect condition and 1st edition

Magic Jammer-Trap-Great-1st edition SD5-EN034

Gaia the Fierce Knight-7star-Damaged from age, but good-1st edition SYE-007

Senju of the Thousand Hands-4star-LOOKS OLD thats why i asked-1st edition MRL-080

Monster Reincarnation-Spell-Perfect-1st edition YSD-EN030

Monster Reincarnation-Holo-Spell-Perfect- RDS-EN045

Scapegoat-Holo-spell-Perfect- SDJ-041

Toon World-Spell-Very Good- SDP-024

GraveRobber-Holo-Trap-Almost Perfect-1st Edition PSV-008

Transcendant Wings-Spell-Almost perfect- DPI-EN018

Magic Cylinder-Trap-Almost Perfect-1st edition YSD-EN040

Skull Knight-7stars-Slightly damaged with age- MRD-123

Thousand Dragon-7stars-Almost Perfect- SDJ-023

A Legendary Ocean-Spell-Almost Perfect- 1st Edition SD4-EN020

Kuriboh-1star-Almost perfect-1st edition YSD-EN013

Celtic Gaurdian-Holo-4stars-Very Good condition- LOB-007

Luster Dragon #2-6stars-almost Perfect-1st Edition YSD-EN003

Curse of the Masked Beast-Magic(Ritual)- Almost perfect- LON-016

Red-Eyes B. Chick-1star-Slightly worn at edges- SOD-EN017

Infernal Incinerator-6star-Almost perfect- 1st edition EEN-EN012

Black Luster Set: Black Luster Soldier-Holo, 8star, one corner slightly worn, SYE-024; Black Luster Ritual-Holo, spell(Ritual), same as Black Luster Soldier in condition, SYE-025 (For some reason both have stickers on the backs though)

ILLUSION set: Black (i)Illusion Ritual-Magic(Ritual), Looks as if someone crushed it once though still great, SDP-038; Relinquished-Holo, 1star, One small crease-line, SDP-001

Thanks if you can tell me, or just estimate. I have 386 cards including these 29. So im trying to sell them for a reasonable price.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You will not get more then 5 u.s. dollars and all the rares you have are about a nickle if they are in good condition.

    Expensive cards now.

    Gold Sarcophagus $40-$60

    Dark Armed Dragon $40-$55

    Honest $50-$60

    Destiny Draw $25-$35

    Dark Bribe $25-$30

    The old cards that are still expensive is...

    Mirror Force $30-$40

    Solemn Judgment $25-$36

    Crush Card Virus $240-$255 or Cheap, Bad, Fuggy, Non-American Condition $5-$20

    Mind Control $15-$20.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Those are old cards and most of them are banned in games so you wont get over $20 and the fact that their old would subtract $10 and no one will probably buy them sorry =D

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