what is a jhandi ? what is the reason for one ?

like what is the purpose for it , ? i want to have one for my 15th birthday and i need help with knowing what to do and what is done

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    1 decade ago
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    Jhandi is a spiritual devotion done by Hindus and is very popular in Guyana and Trinidad though it's practiced by some communities in India also but not very popular there.

    It is generally performed by a Pundit and there are singing of devotional songs and blessings asked for the one who initiates the ceremony.....and oh, yea. delicious puri and halwa (prasad) must be served after.

    I have given you a link here where you can find out lots of details on this particular ceremony. You have to become a member first (free - no charge). Hope this helps.


    PS: First responder has the word Jhandi confused with the word Jihad

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