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good United Football league team names - stadiums?

also i 4got

salt lake city

Monterrey mexico


heres the cities that will/might have a team

1) Hartford

2) Las Vegas

3) Los Angeles

4) Orlando

5) New York

6) San Fransisco

7) Sacramento

Also say what stadium you'd like them to play in

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    I don't know about the stadiums. Since they're going to play on Friday nights, I guess they could get a contract with nearby college stadiums or existing NFL stadiums, if the NFL allows it.

    Since everything is PC now, we can't name teams after Indian tribes or anything to do with guns or bullets, so that eliminates some of the cool names. I'd like to see the New York team called the Yankees, but I don't think the baseball Yankees would go for that.

    So, here's some suggestions for names:

    1) Hartford Bulls

    2) Las Vegas Gamblers (that one is way too obvious)

    3) Los Angeles Drifters

    4) Orlando Rainbows

    5) New York Maulers

    6) San Fransisco Knights

    7) Sacramento Sharks

    8) Salt Lake City Wolves

    9) Monterrey Aztecs (yeah.. I know they were a tribe from way back, but they can probably get away with it in Mexico)

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    Hartford Harpoons

    Las Vegas Knights

    Los Angeles Zorros

    Orlando Cougars

    New York Imperials

    San Francisco Condors

    Sacramento Gold

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