Where kind I buy a cheap full lace wig?

I am trying to purchase a full lace wig. I want it to be human hair and I also want it to be an investment. I don't want to be scammed. I usually buy synthetic lace fronts, but they do not last at all. I want a full lace front with human hair. Please help me. websites, stores, etc......?

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    The best store for Quality Human Hair Full Lace Wigs is


    They are very good for the price. There wigs start from $329.00 and have almost all styles and textures and colors.

    Source(s): My wife buys from here.
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    Check out Dash Lace Wigs at www.dashlacewigs.com.

    You can find high quality, affordable lace wigs to fit every budget. You can find human hair full lace wigs, lace front wigs, and synthetic lace front wig.

    The human hair lace wigs feature:

    100% Indian Remy hair

    FREE baby hairs

    FREE bleached knots

    Medium and large size caps

    Fast shipping

    Currently, there is a $199 lace front wig sale.

    Hope this helps, good luck. :)

    Source(s): www.dashlacewigs.com
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    Try Love My Lace Wigs: http://www.lovemylacewigs.com/

    The "Ms. Lovely Collection" of lace wigs start at comes is available 7 different hair textures (Silky Straight, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Water Wave, Jerry Curl, Yaki Straight, and Kinky Straight).

    Pricing for the "Ms Lovely Collection" starts at $299 and goes up based on your desired hair length. It's slightly more affordable than their styled lace wig units and hair quality is the same - the hair is 100% human hair. Sweet!

    I hope this helps!

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    i have lace wigs for sale . email me for more info

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    I really think you should try www.lacefront-wig.com. I have had really good experiences with this store. Plus they have really great customer service and are really helpful! When you call you actually talk to a real person. Best of luck and if you have any questions , just email me, I have been wearing lace wigs for over 5 years

    Source(s): www.lacefront-wig.com
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    You can try these:





    Manufacturer: http://www.visionremyhair.com/

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