"WTF!?" moments in Half-Blood Prince?

How many can you list?

Ginny tying Harry's shoes come to mind.


give it an 8 out of ten.


1. Breathtaking cinematography, set design and visual effects. The look of the movie is incredible, and visually captures the tone of the book.

2. Excellent casting. Jim Broadbent was perfect for the role as Slughorn. As for the main stars, there acting keeps getting better and better. Especially Tom Felton and Alan Rickman.

3. Nicholson Hooper's score has also improved, giving scenes restrained melodies which also gives the movie weight.

4. The movie is also hilarious, but balances it out perfectly between all of the serious material.


1. Too much teen romance, and too much time screen time is given to Lavender and Romilda Vane. And where is the payoff? They waste so much between the romance but don't even resolve anything at the end.

2. The movie feels a little choppy at times, but the pace gets better toward the end.

3. Naturally many things get cut, but (unlike the Goblet of Fire) there are no really disappointing emissions. Yes, Du

Update 2:

Yes, Dumbledore's funeral gets cut, but personally what happens at the end is better then watching the funeral itself. But I can't forgive cutting out Dubledore's line, "I am not worried Harry, I am with you." They also cut the duel between Harry and Snape, and Lupin's reaction to Dumbledore's death. I wouldn't have minded if the movie was three hours.

4. Also if you haven't read the book, you will be completely confused.

But all in all, this movie is the second best out of the series. POA is still the best. From seeing where David Yates is taking the series, Deathly Hallows should be amazing.

Update 3:

Also when Dumbledore randomly asks Harry if he's dating Hermione. Also when Harry wants to hook up with the waitress in the beginning.

Update 4:

I also found it irritating that they have to have wizard rock after they win the quidditch match. It's so out of place.

Update 5:

Lol, I think everyone forgot when Harry does the clicking noises and the hand gestures.

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    The biggest WTF moment for me was when there was NO battle at the end and the deatheaters just prance out of Hogwarts unopposed. WHY???

    Other bits where I was just o_O:

    ~ Ginny feeding Harry.

    ~ Ginny tying Harry's shoe

    ~ Ginny kissing Harry and him just standing there with his eyes closed for another 30 seconds.

    ~ Hermione going away to cry about Ron... suddenly there's sad music and dead leaves blowing in the lonely wind... seriously wtf? I cracked up there.

    ~ "That's right. I'm the Half Blood Prince." - what a lame scene. There was hardly any focus on the search for the HBP and then that "reveal" at the end was SO anti-climactic. They wasted Rickman's considerable talent in this movie by giving him lame lines and very few scenes.

    ~ Ron in that grey wifebeater during the love spell scene. I threw up a little in my mouth.

    ~ "the first night of the cycle is always the worst." They *must* have put that line there on purpose, it's impossible that nobody noticed the other way to interpret it. But even so, it's a slightly disturbing line :p

    One bit that completely full of win - Harry on Liquid Luck. That was excellent. Daniel Radcliffe was never so likable as at that moment.

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    I don't have much to add since I was surprisingly satisfied with this movie. I've always hated the Harry Potter movies besides the first and second ones because they always ruin the books but this sixth one is worth the money. A lot of things have been cut and a lot have been added but all-in-all it was directed fantastically and pieced together almost-perfectly. Those who forgot what was in the book and those who haven't read it would find the movie much more entertaining, I believe. However, you're right, there's way too much teen romance. I cannot stand how they made the harry and ginny thing seem so much like teen infatuation. Movies always change a lot of the things in the books and so why not that? They should have made the relation seem more mature to make the things in the seventh book seem more plausible than it is. Nah, the Romilda Vane scenes were not too much although Lavender did seem to have a lot of screen time. However, it being so annoying made Ron and Hermione seem much more right than it was made to seem in the book. Only wish they added some of that effort to Harry.

    Haha guess I had more to add than I thought.

    EDIT: One more thing. As usual, I think Michael Gambon's acting is less than satisfactory for the role of Dumbledore (although his dramatic movements are fantastic). It really lacks the mysteriousness and wise-man personality required for the role.

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    1 decade ago

    The poor excuse of a kiss between Ginny and Harry. Just the way Ginny went about it was so awkward. I'd call it more of a "mutual lip touch" than a kiss.

    When Ginny hid the HBP book. My friend pointed out that in the last book Harry is supposed to remember seeing the diadem next to the book when he placed it there, but in the movie Ginny hid it. So how will he know where to find it?

    I'm sure they'll pull it off though.

    Waiting for the huge battle scene at the end and realizing that the director cut out most of it out. A part of me died.

    Slughorn's expressions. The actor was really was a *great* choice, and I loved his expressions to the point where I'd laugh everytime I saw him, but they were pretty odd.

    The teachers watching Ron mutter Hermione's name in the hospital wing and then Dumbledore commenting on teenage romance. Also when he asked Harry if he was dating Hermione. Dumbedore isn't supposed to be into pointless gossip, it's just awkward.

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    I find myself agreeing with pretty much everything you've said...

    I loved this movie. I thought it was so much better than the others... but i didn't really like number 5, so maybe in comparison that's why 6 seemed so awesome.

    I loved the casting. I thought that Slughorn was amazing. He was exactly how I imagined him in the book. Jim Broadbent is kind of amazing in everything though... Even though I know it's him, it's hard for me to realize that he's the same guy who was the Moulin Rouge owner in that movie..

    I agree that Malfoy was so much better in this movie. Maybe it's because he finally got lines again... He was pretty much invisible for the past movies (excluding 1). He's now pretty much my ideal Draco... when he broke Harry's nose, he did it fantastically. And I loved he confronting Dumbledore at the end.

    I loved how much dialogue they kept from the book. I read HP6 the day before I saw the movie, and they kept heaps of it. That was great.

    But I have to admit, I didn't like the differences between the book and the movie. Especially because I didn't see them adding much...

    Like Harry almost hooking up with the waitress... was that just susposed to signify how Harry is growing up and into girls now? And women didn't just want him cause of his fame? I don't get it...

    And I didn't exactly understand the Christmas scene at the Burrow... why did the deatheaters turn up and burn it down? For me, it didn't add anything.. it just prolonged the anticipation between Harry and Ginny's kiss. And I didn't really like that either... Their romance was just odd because they never really dated... it was one secret kiss. That Ginny gave Harry the option of forgetting. Meh...

    And the whole start of the movie for me was either watching Draco skulk around the castle doing dodgy stuff, or sexual tension between either Ron and Hermione or Harry and Ginny...

    And they didn't explain Lavender enough. My sister, who hasn't read the book didn't understand why some chick with curly hair was suddenly stalking them... and she was ALWAYS there.

    I love the character of Luna. Changing Tonks for her after the Hogwarts Express worked perfectly. Tonks is one of those characters who for me, are irrelevant.

    I also like the hints about Snape's real side in the war. He still seems evil, but it's pretty clear if you've read the 7th, that when watching the 6th whos side he is on. I liked that.

    This was my favourite of the movies... followed by Goblet of fire.

    I'm excited by the 7th... I just want to know where they are going to split it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Harry and Ginny's shoelace scene.

    2. When Ginny says, "Open up, you." (or something) and feeds him a mince pie. Total awkwardness there.

    3. "All hands on deck, Granger." :S

    4. "The first night of the cycle is always the worst." (Wow Tonks...) :P

    5. Harry's rudeness towards McGonagall in Dumbledore's office after his death! I was all... "WTF is Harry doing to her!"

    6. When Hermione seemed drunk before Katie got cursed. (I smiled 'cause it sort of cute, but I was just, "WTF, I don't think Hermione would get drunk!") :P

    7. When Ginny says, "Close your eyes." The second time... (I thought Harry understood her the first time she said it :P)

    That's all I could come up with right now. :P

    Edit: Haha, you meant the pincers part, right, what Harry did the clicking noises? I thought that was really funny :)

    Oh, and I agree with you on what you have to say about HBP, but the only then I disagree with would be 1 for cons. I'm sorry, I'd say why, but I'm too lazy to. I gave it a 9/10 :)

  • lol so many wtf moments

    1. when theyre laughing together at dumbledore being 150.....it was like...opkay then....

    2. ginny tying harrys shoes - yes......tho i couldnt help laughing cos at the cinema i was wearing the same shoes as harry,

    3. the cafe bit.....wtf was that about...

    4. the waitress was like 24 and harrys meant to be 16.

    5. when dumbledore was like she was very pretty.....

    6. when dumbledore sniffed the dragons blood of harrys forehead. LOL.

    7. when dumbledore asks if hes dating hermione, as u sed.

    8. when malfoy was staring at the feather for a while.

    9. the end....poor ron was left out

    10. the bit in hospital, when ron sez hermione and lavendar gets upset - snapes face LOL. he was standing there like okay... and the other teachers were watching....nosy parkers.

    11. when harry stands up when ginny goes to slughorns party thing...was funny tho...but random

    12. when ginny and harry are in the room of requirement together.

    13. when snape was like shhhh to harry.

    14.hahaha the pincers thign was funny tho.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The mince pie thing.

    The shoelace thing. As soon as I opened this question I was gonna answer that but you already put it. But oh well, here it is.

    Isn't it the Brockdale Bridge that collapses.

    Hermione tells Harry that he knows he likes Ginny

    They didn't BREAK UP!!!!

    Kissing scene was awkward!


    Do you know what would have made the movie the best.

    More Quidditch

    If Snape said the line, "I'm not a coward. Coward was your father when he went against me 4 against 1.

    And the funniest line in the whole book. "Looks like he's eating her face, doesn't it,"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I definitely agree with the shoes part! That was really strange. Haha, a lot of the Harry/Ginny parts were like that, including Ginny telling Harry to close his eyes and Harry suddenly standing up during Slughorn's party. :/

    Also, Snape telling Harry to be quiet, and Harry not doing anything.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, definitely the shoe-tying scene

    1. Waitress scene in the beginning

    2. When Dumbledore asks Harry about his love-life

    3. Ginny feeding Harry

    4. Kiss scene: "Close your eyes...."

  • 1 decade ago

    1 the scene at the burrow (wasn't in the book)

    2 Different girl playing Tonks then the one in order of the phoenix

    3 the millennium bridge wasn't destroyed in the book

    4 Luna finding harry on the train, it was really tonks who found him.

    5 Dumbeldoor covered harry with the inadvisability cloak in the tower and stunned him, he wasn't below in the book.

    6 Ginny didn't go into the room of requirement with harry in the books

    7 they left out dumbledoors funeral.

    8 they forgot some of the memories, like about slitherens heir before tom riddle. The memory about the ring that dumbeldoor messed up his hand trying to destroy.

    9 forgot to bring up the fact that Tom Riddle worked at the shop in nockturn ally

    10 Left out the battle in the great hall after dumbeldoor is killed.

    11. forgot about rons older brother charlie turning into a werewolf from greyback

    12 the dark mark was over the school when harry and dumbeldoor got back from the cave in hogsmead. Unlike the move bellatrix casts it after he is killed.

    13 the whole scene in the dinner didn't happen in the book

    14 they left out the information at 4 privet drive.

    thats all i got

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