do u think josh freeman will have a better NFL career then Mark Sanchez and Matthew Stafford?

The reason i ask is because in the past couple years the later pick have been better then the earlier ones.

In 2007 Trent Edwards has been better then JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn.

In 2006 Jay Cutler has been Better then Vince Young and Matt Leinart.

in 2005 Aaron Rodgers has been better then Jason Campbell and Alex Smith.

In 2004 Ben Roethlisberger has been better then Eli Manning and Philip Rivers.

Last in 2002 David Garrard has been better then David Carr and Joey Harrington.

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    Jason Campbell was picked AFTER Aaron Rodgers.

    I think he will have a better career than Sanchez, but not Stafford. Stafford is extremely talented, and can do almost anything with his arm strength and mobility. Sanchez can barley throw the ball 30 yards. Freeman and Stafford will be the only good QBs of this draft.

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    Interesting, although Phillip Rivers is arguably better than Ben.

    If Freeman does top Stafford and Sanchez, which is unlikely as this was a really weak quarterback class and Freeman could have gone as low as third round in a different class, it will take a while. He's incredibly raw, and although he shows the intangibles to develop into a QB much like Roethlisberger, he played with a horrible set of a recievers and needs to learn to trust his team to make plays, among other things. I see big things in Sanchez, and Stafford will probably be a mid-tier QB for a while. I see Freeman as a back up in four or five years.

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    First of all, You cant say anything about '07. Brady Quinn hasn't even Started a full Season yet.

    Second of all, You cant say anything about '04. Those three QB's have been equal...Roethlisberger just had better teams.

    Freeman will not be the best. Stafford and Sanchez will.

  • Buck
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    1 decade ago

    For the sake of the Bucs Future I hope so but I really have a feeling he won't be. Freeman was graded as a 3rd round draft pick. He got picked in the 1st round seemingly because he knew the new head coach and not so much on his abilities or at least that is how the experts talked like. Right now their best hope is probably McCown.

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  • 1 decade ago

    2002: Not Much better

    2004: All Equal in my mind

    2005: Campbell has been better than rodgers

    2006: Many people thought (including Mel Kiper jr.) that Cutler would be the best of the 3

    And No. All three will be marginal back-ups in the league

  • 1 decade ago

    maybe. a lot of those guys you listed didnt have the right pieces around them (like Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russel) so its hard to tell. I dont think Stafford will do well, at least while hes in Detroit, but Sanchez may have a chance to be very good

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. I've seen Freeman play and he wasn't all that impresive, he should have stayed in school another year. He will now become a bust. I also think Stafford will be a bust as well because the Lions so terrible they will destroy his career and he will end up like Charles Rogers.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No I don't think he will.

    Stafford will have the best overall carrer I think, with Mark Sanchez second.

  • 1 decade ago

    Interesting Stat, and I suppose it is possible!

    Freeman has the size and intangibles, just needs to adjust.

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