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Of mice and men is a novel written by author john Steinbeck, it consists of tow migrant workers travelling from ranch to ranch to earn a wage, it was set in 1930s America at a time when America was being brought to its knees by an economic depression. In this novel a major theme is the journey to live out the American dream, the concept of which to sum may be difficult to grasp and understand because the dream may be different for different people. But the basic definition of the dream is that the ownership and possession of land provided freedom and independence and hard work and self sacrifice will lead to personal success and prosperity. In this essay I am going to be explaining how the author Steinbeck puts across his message that of the American dream, through some of the characters in the novel and look what Steinbeck himself thinks of their chances of them attaining their dream are dream.

In this paragraph we will be looking at the social and historical background which may have affected how Steinbeck wrote some of his novellas. The great depression of the 1930`s was a tumultuous time with hundreds and thousands of people losing their homes and any real mean of employment, struggling to survive, many men travelled across America alone searching for menial jobs to keep them alive another month. The novel of mice and men gives an insight into the lives of such migrant workers showing how being constantly on the road leads men into living a rootless and insecure life. Steinbeck himself grew up in the Salinas valley and based his novels on his own personal experiences. When giving an interview to a newspaper Steinbeck did reveal that many of the characters were from his own life and surroundings and finally that the character lennie was based on a real character that ended up in an insane asylum. To conclude this paragraph I will talk about the title of the novel “Of mice and men”, it is based upon a poem written by the popular Scottish poet Robert Burns called “To a mouse” in which one of the stanzas is particularly relevant to the novel,

“The best laid schemes o` mice and men, Gang aft agley

An` lea ` e us naught an ` pain

For promis`d joy”

This stanza from the poem is saying even the most well thought out plan or dream will often go wrong. But from this we need to ask are any of the dreams of our characters were well thought out? .in my honest opinion I believe that the title implies that people are at the mercy of external forces beyond their control and that Steinbeck writes with sincere ness for the victims of these chaotic forces .

Of mice and men with its restricted focus is actually the first of Steinbeck’s novels to be written in novel play form. The reason you can distinguish this is that the six sections are like separate scenes in a play. This is because each section has a clear setting; visualisation becomes easy from Steinbeck’s use of description. Action is vastly restricted usually to the setting of the bunkhouse, thus it is obvious that the novels strength lies in part to its limitations. The span of time is restricted to three days which is sunset Thursday to sunset Sunday doing this intensifies to the sense of suspense and drama. Steinbeck as an author and person was concerned with the struggle of the people in his own state of California, this is showed in his novels and short stories which were often sympathetic studies of Californian farm workers. An example of this subject may consist of the novel “grapes of wrath”. From this we can easily move onto the theme of realism in this novel. In the thesis of “of mice and men” tells the story about two simple men trying to escape homelessness, economic poverty and finally emotional and psychological corruption. The outcome for those who do not choose to abandon their lives they lead as itinerant workers are set for a bleak and dehumanizing life. As Slim tells George “I seen guys ……. They get mean”. George and lennie dream of owning a farm but by the end their dream has failed. Their plan is doomed because human fellowship cannot survive in their own world and also their own image and description of their farm is greatly idealized. It is actually likely that even if they had obtained the farm their lives would not have been as comfortable and lax as they themselves had imagined. They would not have enjoyed fraternal harmony that in fact is part of their dream. In fact their dream of contentment in the modern world is actually very much impractical and does not accurately reflect the human condition. Dreaming however is humanities only defence against an indifferent world. I will finish this paragraph my commenting on a theme that I feel important to the novel this being the theme of symbolism. I believe that the most important symbol is the bank of the Sali

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    Start by putting quotation marks between mice and men which is supposed to be capitalized so it would like: "Of Mice and Men".

    Also, capitalize John in the first sentence. It's a proper noun so it must be capitalized. Those are the mistakes I noticed, other than that, you're essay is well.

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    I usually proof-read my own works. If you're in Lebanon (was in the title), you might want to try a professional proof-reading service like the ones offered at Doculand. Also, the American Language Institute in Beirut and The American University of Beirut offer various editing services. Hope that helps.

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    why not use the computer to spell and grammer check your essay

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