Naruto Question-Im confused to this characters anyone answer this?

Im confused for

1.Sasuke Uchiha is a villen or hero character?

2.Gaara is a villen or hero character?

make sure you explain this!


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    Well I think most people consider Sasuke a hero turned villain from Naruto to Shippuuuden. In ways I never really considered Sasuke a hero from the beginning though, because he always had revenge on his mind, all the way to now. Most of his actions were to become stronger to defeat Itachi but now it's to destroy Konoha and the 5 Kages.

    For Gaara, most people consider him as a villian turned hero because of how he changed during his fight with Naruto. But I think Gaara was portrayed as a villian but we know that all he was, was just that he was lonely since he was a little kid because of the 1 Tail inside of him. Which is why he did those things, but after Naruto convinced him [Naruto really has a knack of doing that doesn't he?], he decided to open up to everyone a bit more, even becoming the Kage in Sunagakure.


  • Nani
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    1 decade ago

    1. Sasuke is neither. He was and is only fighting for one reason-to kill Itachi. Therefore, he doesn't care who dies in order to get his way. He'll kill anyone who stands in his way, whether they're people from the Leaf or people from the Akatsuki.

    2. Gaara is more of a hero character. A misunderstood child with good motives that is unwanted and just wants a purpose in life. After meeting Naruto, he realized that maybe he had something else he could live for, other than blood lust.

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    i think sasuke iz a little of both and Gaara was a villen but eventually became a hero after his fight with naruto in the firt season of the anime

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    haha Sasuke ment to come off as ahero @ first

    ubt they made him so a lot of peeps would fall in love with him xD ((god only knows why)) then he turns traitor but not becuse he wants to be evil but because3 he cxares about nothing but revenge.

    hero, turned villen byut still loved...

    garra, ment to be messed up and confused but loved by all the fan girls, good just misguided meeting naruto changes him in to a good guy

    villen turned hero

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sasuke is just out for revenge, he has become more of a villan recently though

    And Gaara is still a hero character he is just a troubled and twisted little person but he has gotten a lot better

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    Sasuke turns into a villain on part 2.

    Gaara is a hero. He turns into a kage later on in Naruto Shippuden.

    You should seriously catch up to Shippuden you will understand more.

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    1. Sasuke was Naruto and Sakura's teammate. he's a hero, and Naruto's best friend, but unlickily, his only reason to keep living is to kill his brother, Itachi Uchiha because Itachi killed his whole family clan so he went to Orochimaru (the villain) to get more powers from him to be able to defeat and kill Itachi as his revenge. and then since he left Naruto and Konoha, he's a villain.

    2. Gaara was a villain. he liked to kill people, and he hates all people in this world and he wanted to kill them all, but he becomes a nice guy after his battle with Naruto and he begin to understand the meaning of love, so he's a hero now...

    ~arigatou gozaimasu!~

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Sauske is a villain because he wants to destroy Konoha and because he left the village on his own free will. But he's tecnally a missing ninja.

    2. Gaara once was a villain because he was the "secret wepon" for the Sand village when they attacked the Leaf village. But now he's no threat at all. He and his squad-mates actually help the Leaf village now.

    Hope it helps! :)

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    Sasuke would be more of a villian. He's plotting to kill the 5 kages and before that he had planned to attack konoha.

    Gaara is more of a hero because he's the kazekage to his village and everyone looks up to him. At first he was more of a villian.

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