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GWB suggested Miguel Estrada for the bench, yet the dems?

*bellowed* their opposition. In Sotomayor we have a much more radical appointee and yet the Republicans are supposed to *shut up*. Another exxample of liberal hypocrisy??

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    Dems "bellowed" their opposition because Estrada had a complete lack of prior judicial experience at the local, state, or national level. He had never actually been a judge in his entire life, and Bush was trying to nominate him to the Supreme Court, in no small part due to his strong conservatism.

    From this question, it's clear that you were more concerned with Estrada's race than his work experience during his nomination. Just because you want to make the issue about race doesn't mean Democrats did.

    Sotomayor has had over 16 years of judicial experience.

  • Well, if the Republicans had enough votes to get Estrada in without need for Democratic support, this would be a moot issue, wouldn't it??

    The Republicans are not needed in this - they merely continue to oppose to get themselves in the news. It is the only way they can continue in DC without getting lost in the shuffle.

    Look at it for what it is - don't try and compare apples and oranges.

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    Republicans need to FIGHT harder and quit being sissies.

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    You betcha!

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    "Do as I say, not as I do" should be the dems motto.

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