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What’s wrong with online gamers these days?

This is not some outcry because some guy just killed me 10 times in a row and is tee-bagging me. Trust me, I finding humor in people expressing their virtual domination and machismo by squatting down over another mans face and dropping their berries another guys face and not somehow seeing the homoerotic aspect of the act. My main issue is with all the loud, foul mouthed, mentally crippled, prepubescent, wanna-be alpha males that spam their constant smack talk, regardless of whether or not they are any good.

These are also usually the ones who can’t seem to get the concept of strategy in capture the flag or other games that do not give a win for a kill count. An example of this happened on Halo 3 (A game I am a big fan of.). We were playing a CTF game on Rats Nest and had come down to the last minute of play. I managed to grab the flag and took off running for my base. After almost crossing the map and nearly clearing the bridge, I see no enemies on radar and then suddenly get stuck with a plasma grenade. Of course I drop the flag and one of my teammates gleefully cheers, grabs the flag, tee-bags me and proceeds to sit around the corner and stand there. He ended up beating down players that came through the door with the flag and ran out the clock, giving us a tie. He then rambles on the gamer lobby, talking up his e-prowess and bragging about his eliteness. He is happy that he not only failed to complete the objective of the game, but that he betrayed one of his teammates and managed a high kill count on the backs of other doing just the objective.

This same practice happens on Gears Of War and Call of Duty games as well as other online games and seems to have gotten really bad. And remember that I am not complaining about any of the games themselves, just players and their ignorant actions. I have had ALOT of fun playing online, and I do understand what the anonymity of playing online does to people, but seriously, is this what online games are headed towards? If it really is going down this road ... someone please explain why.

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    You know what I completely agree with you. I was player resistance 2 online on my ps3 one day and for some reason some idiot began killing me and the rest of our team mates. I asked him to stop but of course he didn't and would constantly laugh and make rude and some what immature remarks. I personally did care very much for what he said, but i did care when he joined the next game and started all over again. i quit the game for a least a week after it and played something else. This happens quite often to me but usually i will quit game and join a new one, same with COD when people go crazy because they killed you with a random granade.

    Well that was my story, and also im not complaining because i know that there will always be another game to play. I do get frustrated with online games quite often but i just suck it up and continue playing with the occasional damn it and oh crap thrown in.

    The reason for these people is very simple and that is that if you think of real life, people get angry at many things such as bad days or losing a job. Some people want to feel better for themselves, so like many people do, they will put down others and make them feel bad for their own amusement. Well for the future i don't know maybe it will get better but I highly doubt it, especially since kids these days are already swearing worse than a sailor.

    Hope this Helps and if not I tried

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    Because it's just a game. I'll talk smack to someone all I want whether or not they know me or not. It's part of the game.Every professional athlete does it its a main part of human competition. There are alot of douches on there which does kind of ruin it but just remember they are using the video game however they use it to have fun. You also make it seem like in CTF all your supposed to do is charge the flag? If you want to talk strategy you ALWAYS have a slayer or even two on the team. I'm not sure about your level skill but I do know that there are alot of people like yourself who take it too serious sometimes when they really aren't that good at all. Just remember it's just a video game and if you let it sit in the back of your mind so much your going to have a rotting brain. If you could play Mario Kart on NES 20 years ago you think it would actually be different?No.

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    People who do that kind of stuff are either noobs or greedy. Alot of the noobs just get kicks out of making the games worse for other people, because they think that it is funny. But these days more and more people are playing online games. I, being 13 years old, would know that alot of people my age that play online games, not only ruin the experience, but make bad reputation for people like me. Overall, as video games get better and better, there will be more and more noob gamers. I'm sorry, but there is almost nothing we can do about this, except for trying to avoid noobs.

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    I know your problem , all you play is shooters so due this everybody playing is an idiot who wants to shoot everything moving and to dumb to understand the concept of anything else . Play Command and conquer or splinter cell , ya know games where they cant just kill mindlessly and need teamwork and strategy

    O yeah they also find pleasure in hiding behind a mic and tv talking s h i t

    Cause in real life they get there asses kicked by their parents or the neighborhood bully .

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